DIY: Paint your chairs for an instant decor uplift

I’m a sucker for second hand furniture. And it is mainly because of three reasons. Firstly, because they do not cost a bomb and yet there is so much to choose from. Secondly, because you can experiment so much with them and they don’t give you guilt bumps if your experiment go terribly wrong. Thirdly, because I’m a complete DIY person who loves to paint her own chairs and get her hand dirty. This is another kind of fun that she experiences when she ‘does her own stuff’. It’s cool! J

Last summer, I picked these handsome, beautifully cut chairs from the local second hand market and my brother in law gifted me his old wooden chest. I was not too sure as to what I wanted to do with them but I just wanted to have them. This is one more thing I have. I generally pick up things that I don’t need at times and stock them. Sometimes I fiddle with them, procrastinate and keep them back. Sometimes, I just see them and appreciate their beauty. And at times, suddenly out of nowhere they find use. From an unusual looking safety pin to saree borders to patches, bits of wood and glass- my DIY drawer has a place for everything.

Nevertheless, the chairs that I picked up and the chest though were extremely handsome but were very poorly colored. Both were a very gooey brown, which was so not highlighting their beauty; so not, what they could be. Poor things cried for help. A bit of research on some American blogs that I so ardently follow told me that I just had to clad them in white. And voila! The artist in me sprang! A bunch of sand papers, one liter of white Asian paint, one medium sized brush, one roller sponge and a whole lot courage to deal with the mess later is all it took to have two wonderfully relaxing beach-y chair and a glad gallant chest that calls for some vanilla cupcakes, a bunch of violets and a day off!

Behold 🙂 


4 thoughts on “DIY: Paint your chairs for an instant decor uplift

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