Good day. I am Rukmini and I live in a teeny apartment by the creek in New-Bombay, India- a quiet neighborhood lining the mangroves and the backwaters of the Arabian Sea.

For most, this is the wrong side of the city. A place tad far from the convenience of city living and of course “a village” in accordance to Bombay standards. But who knew I’d find so much I’ve wanted all my life right here! In 2011, I wrapped up my urban life and moved to the “rural” side of the city quite happily and I have never regretted my decision since. This is where I materialize my beach house living dreams, inside the sunny little apartment and call it home. This is my story, a bit about Trumatter.

Having grown up in Darjeeling, a town famous for tea all over the world, in the hills of the Himalayas, my life was perfect. The change of seasons were beautiful, we enjoyed lemonade by the porch, went hiking with dad- home-school-home-college, sat on white wicker chairs, painted the fence, enjoyed fogs through the window- pretty much how you’d envision your perfect life to be. We grew squash, berries, cherry tomatoes in our garden, had fresh lettuce- I thought I didn’t want anything else. But life had it all planned for me…A plan that’ll change my life.

Soon, it was time to fly away from the nest. In 2007, I packed my bags for Bombay and landed in this big city to work as writer for a solutions company in New-Bombay- This is also where I met the man of my life and has been dating him ever since. I was devastated at the thought of living in Mumbai. It was hot, it was concrete, it was fast- I was in a place that has nothing common with my country life. The initial days, I hated every minute of it. And just when I thought it’s not working out, I met this man (my QA) who seemed to sweep me off my feet in no time. Funny eh, how things happen like they were meant to be? Time changed. What seemed like a dead city suddenly changed to something close to happening! I found myself having a ball, staying in the new city, dating a great guy and breathing the salty air. It was different but suddenly it felt good. I started to feel at home.

But look at this blasted fate- somehow it wanted to play me a bit more. The happiness only lasted a few short months for opportunities as an assistant creative head for a well known production agency knocked my door and in spite of not wanting to leave my current job, I did. I had to.

My folks thought it was really good, my sister- who’s a very talented fiction head thought I’ll make it and somehow I believed it’ll work for me too. I packed again and moved to main city Bombay to join the agency only to find out that television production is something I hate doing. On close heels, I also realized I hated staying inside the city. I missed my home that dad built and the colors he chose. I missed every detail of our hill home and cried within.

The next one year went in simply figuring out the job status, bundled with discontentment. I was staying at my sister’s, then as a paying guest (i always have problem with this term. How can someone be guest and paying?), then with roommates (some of them were horrible)- changing homes every 11 months, running locations, giving interviews, feeling perpetually disillusioned, desperately trying to make it in television but just couldn’t fit myself in. This is also when I started frequenting the beach and looking at the sea. The sounds soothed me.

And then it happened. My whole love affair with the beach house. One weekend we decided to hit a beach hotel, a little far from main town Bombay. Built by a retired Navy officer, the resort was little cottages built on the beach. Built in simple blues (I later knew it was beach blue), and surrounded by palm and bougainvillea- this was it. I sat on one of those Adirondack chairs and gazed at the sea for the longest time I could. It was a day, a time when  I knew I would love to live my life in a beach house for the rest of my life and that my home in the hills was built in a beach themed fashion. And all my life I thought it was the essence of my home!

My depressions ebbed away with the constant lashing of the waves, I found peace like I never found it before. It instantly healed me of homesickness, confusions and disillusions. I was cured. But the final healing was on queue.

Right after returning, the man told me, “Why don’t you do something you like? Something you really want to do?” I said, where will I find a job in here- I know no one. Plus, I’ll have to start from scratch and I was scared my folks would think I am dillusional to leave a well paying job for starting off in another field for half the pay but I did what I should have. I needed to do this for myself.

I quit my fat salary and shitty job and joined a digital agency as a copy writer for a pay check that hardly met my living. Since then I have never been unhappy. Today I work as an Editor to one eminent food website, manager to one of the biggest e-commerce portal and freelance for several big brands. I sell my products, I DIY, I sing for a jazz band and I feel complete. I rent a tiny apartment by the creek and live my beach house dreams, one DIY at a time.

One of the many reasons why I love him so much- he has been my friend, philosopher and guide.

How Blog came into my life

I know this is really funny but I have an aversion to Social media. If we could do away with SMO in a world like today’s I would have been the first one to opt out. In a hearty discussion one evening, where I was showcasing my first ever burlap project to my fellow colleagues, my business head happen to overhear and suggested as to why don’t I start a facebook account and put the pictures up? Haha, yes! I hate Facebook. I don’t want this Social media thing said I. So he said, then start a blog. Apparently there are “people” who would love to see what I do.

“Really?” and he opened me an account. You’d like to know, the name Trumatter happened by fluke!

Just that afternoon we were talking about how plagiarism is taking the whole world over and truth is what matters. So, when he helped me create an account, he asked me what name would I want. I said, anything that tells the readers that nothing in this space is copied. Ive been editing all morning and truth is what will prevail and matter- hence, trumatter was born and the rest is plain history. In a span of 3 months I was exposed to a world that never existed before. Laden with inspirations, stories, ideas, I just found my new found love- DIY. And since 2010, this journey of turning my city apartment into a beach house has never stopped. Trumatter is also now on Facebook, Pinterest and twitter

I’m now engaged to my long time partner and getting married soon! Together we love life, DIY, cook sea food and follow our dreams- One DIY at a time! I have also promised mum to build her a beach house.

About my areas of interest, they are limited with traveling, decor, good music and food photographing. Highly inspired by my mom’s decor that reflects a lot of old whites, soft and tender corners and inviting bedspreads, my decor sense is merely an extension of hers mixed with my advanced beach house dreams!

This blog is a tribute, a celebration and a journey to the perfect beach house we’ve always wanted. This blog is a fabric of reality and imagination, sometimes interspersed with some really cool DYI’s and a wee bit of hope for better living!


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow we do have alot in common! I am glad to find your blog, I will be following you as well. One other major thing we have in common is how you said your mothers decor inspires you. My mother and my decorating are very much alike too.


    • Okay! Now, its tickmark time. I cant believe we have so much in common!!!! From the bottom of my heart: GLAD to have found your blog.
      My decor style is purely an extension of hers and she is one of my best buddies, like yours. I think it has something to do with closeness. The closer you are to a person, the more you tend to be like that particular person- whether in thoughts, action, moral or style. For us it is definitely our mothers.


  2. Hi Rukmini,

    I came across your blog through Janice’s Postcardsfromthewildwood. I connect to your creative moods , though am not much of a doer like you. My blog is http://www.ovbt.blogspot.com , if you would be kind enough to visit my blog, I would really appreciate it. Also I live in Kandivali. I would be glad if I could catch up with you.


  3. Hey Rukmini,

    When and where can we meet.?… please email me… am not very net savvy.. so I dunno if this is the right place to write down my mobile number. But you do have my email id, so pls tell me on which account should I send you my details. Looking forward earnestly on meeting you. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. You know? I don’t think I read this before! What’s wrong with me? It’s beautifully stated Rukmini and I love you just from your profile letter….okay, I already loved you! hahaha! I already knew lots of that stuff too, but it was so well put together!
    xo wendy


  5. Hi Rukmini! Thank you so much for visiting on my blog! Now I finally manage to get to yours, and first thing I read your story and am very happy and touched by how you managed to find out your own way of living. It’s a story of courage and honesty towards yourself. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  6. Two comments in one day from a woman (me) who seldom comments on blogs, but I read your story and felt happy. I admire that you chose to do the things you love and the rest fell into place. My very best wishes for your continued happiness.


    • I am honored!
      Yes, I did take that big leap of faith and I am thankful to everyone who supported me to be where I am today. Its not big what I am doing, I am an editor for a knowledge sharing firm, but to me, it means a lot. Within, I am content. What else do we really want? 😀
      Do you blog? I’d love to have a glimpse of it if you do.



  7. Hi
    I luuurve your blog and its so refreshing to look at your pictures and your DIY projects. I lenjoy creating and its fun to meet fellow creators who find inspirations and beauty in the mundane everyday life. will be dropping here often!


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