DIY: Lampshade from left over Drape Fabric

I had some left over fabric from the new drape (A sale by the yard find for 2$) and this tiny little pink lamp that needed some jazz in  her life. So, I turned her plain Jane white plain hardback plastic shade into a dressy one: The matching shade gives the space a very sweet coordinated look.

I know for sure that whoever visits me here know the tutorial already so I wouldn’t bother with this one. In a nutshell, I ripped off her old hadback plastic, cut out a new one from the old, wrapped it around her frame, stapled and kept. Then I cut out the left over fabric in the same measurement, applied hot glue and stuck it over the hard back skeleton. I kept two extra inches on the width which I tuck in the frame. That is it.

Have a great week ahead. And pray for me, for my cross stitch coasters. ūüôā

Cross Stitch Conquered makes autumn happier!

ladies, I can stitch. A thing I thought I could never do. All thanks to Janice from Postcardsfromwildwood who is not only an artist when it comes to needle and thread but also is an exceptional tutor. She made a couple of Christmas Stockings in cross stitch, to which I wished the tutorial. And here I am! I now know how to stitch cross patterns on an even weave cloth. *doing a little happy dance*. If you are new here and you are like me, who could never figure out cross stitches, head over to hers and I’m betting my blog that you’ll find it a piece of cake after you’ve read her.

I sincerely¬†wish I had her in school instead of our very sick craft tutor, she was probably the reason why I never bothered to touch the whole needle section. This piece with her initial is dedicated to Janice for being such a great friend- I’m so blessed I met her through blog over almost an year ago and since then we’ve been friends. Janice, my first work is for you! I know this is not too perfect but this is my first and I want you to have it.

I’m thinking of stitching a couple of autumn patterns too and turn them to coasters. What do you think, now that I can “STITCH”! Ha!


Decorating for Fall!

A corner of my living room just got a fall makeover and I love how it looks. This coop bathes in low, indirect light and I’m falling for the dark, charming feel and the warmth its bringing.

I layered pine cones, cinnamon and star anise as fillers which not only brings the fall-flavor in full swing with its yummy rust color tones but also makes the corner smells yummy!

I took Michele from Hello Lovely Inc¬†‘s advice but with a twist. She let me know of this beautiful idea of scenting a closet with orange and cinnamon; since oranges are not in yet, I paired¬†cinnamon with star Anise and the effect is lovely. She is a brilliant writer, a gorgeous blogger who always makes me swoon and once you head over to her blog, there is no stopping. Head over to hers to see what I mean.

Although star anise, dear me is expensive, I didn’t mind buying 250 grams as they dont spoil easily and also stays fragrant for a long time, unless exposed to a damp weather.¬†I remember writing the properties of star anise for a food website where I am the contributing editor. Maybe I can secretly use one or two of them to feed my health along with feeding my aesthetic appetite.

Have a great weekend y’all beauties!

Dulce De Leche: A creamy caramel sauce recipe!

I made Dulce De Leche last night and I am more than happy with the result!

Dulce De Leche is a sweet milk based caramel sauce that had been in my to-make menu, forever! Thanks to impulse that I finally could tick it off.
And termed as “Trial”, it came out pretty perfect!!
You see, that’s the thing with expectation. When you count on it the most, it disappoints you, and when you don’t, it surprises. Or at least it doesn’t disappoint. Whatever, there is nothing a spoon of this addictive thing can’t sort.

Oh me goodness. Only one tin of sweetened condensed milk is all you need. I’m so pleased with condensed milk making companies. Anyway.

So, here’s the famous, Dulce De Leche Recipe!

What you’ll need:

Sweetened Condensed Milk: 1 tin

A board that says “Trial” (optional)


Fill a thick bottomed pan with water. Make two small holes on top of the condensed milk tin. Place it in the pan and fill the pan with water, the height of the water must be leveled at 3/4th of the tin. Steam it in low heat for 2 hours.

Note: You’ll need to keep an eye on the water level as at any point the water level should not reach below the leveled mark. So, just keep adding water.

That’s it! Enjoy your Dulce De Leche.

Have a good week!

DIY: Need a lampshade? Make your own!

A new lampshade from an old one! How cool is that! My sister gifted me a bamboo floor lamp, a couple of years ago, which found no use in my new home as it was a little too big for everything in here. While I plan to make a settee out of that robust lamp, its shade found use in my new lamp that needed a drum lampshade! Here is the tutorial!

Step 1: Measure and cut. The best part about drum lampshades are, you’ll not really have to stick to a shape. However, you’ll need to see how big you want your drum to be and cut accordingly.

Yeah, that’s me cutting out a rectangle from the hardback plastic that can be folded into a cylinder.

Step 2: Simple/ design/attachment of patterns or fabrics.

I cut out a zigzag pattern from a fabric that was lying around and stuck it.

Step 3: Fold and staple

That’s it. Your lampshade is ready!

Trash to treasures!

Have a happy weekend y’all!

An easy Autumn Wreath

The scent of autumn, and how I love it. I was desperately waiting for its signs before bringing out my autumn decor and to my glee, we finally have that signature chill in the air, with cool mornings, interspersed with few hours of warm sun and a cool, breezy evening with cozy nights!!! Did I mention I love autumn?

Last evening while returning from work I gathered some twigs and made this dainty wreath for my living room. I didn’t want something too large, just a pretty little thing that screams fall is here. So, after tying the twigs to an arch with burlap strings, I added some paper leaves, patches of burlap, a lady bug that my uncle sent to me from Germany and a couple of pine cones! Simple and easy autumn wreath took me only half an hour and not a minute more. I love such easy peasy things.

Would love to see how all of your fall decor’s shaping up!



A kitchen makeover with open shelves!

The challenge

1. To re do a kitchen in a rented apartment without harming the natural setting or whatever it came with.

2. To re do a kitchen which has bright peach as its wall color and weird fish motif tiles in peach and white for backsplash

3. To re do a kitchen that has no window and is practically an aisle

When I saw the house first, we didnot even bother to look at the kitchen because the guys who were staying in here were beyond my words. I would not really call it lack of aesthetics but complete absence of the sense of hygiene. The moment we walked in, we saw heaps of food wrappers, butter paper, food litter and I just refused to step inside the kitchen fearing it might just make me sick. To top, we had to narrow on one house and I was particularly crazy about the view. Hence, you can understand why I walked out and told yes. But after a thorough disinfection and cleaning, the real challenge  showed itself up. Take a look at what I found it as!

(Eeek! The initial days of living)

Anyway, after days of RnD and a whole lot of sketches, finally this is what our dear kitchen looks like!

Kitchen after!!! Hurrah!

And to achieve that, this is what I followed

1. Declutter- the first step. Throw away anything that’s unnecessary. yes throw.

2. Open shelving- In a small kitchen enclosed spaces intensify its weakness. Break free. Keep it open and at a stretch. This gives it a longer and cleaner look.

3.Brighter lights- Compulsory. No matter how beautiful your kitchen is, lighting will play a major role in making it look good or ugly. Hence, if you have a kitchen that’s small, dowse it with bright lights. Trust me, it’ll be worth. For my peach kitchen, I chose a light that casts a retro glow.

4. Color toning- In my case it was peach! PEACH. Oh my god. Ideally, change the color to something softer and mute that makes a space look bigger but if you are in a position like me where you must work with the colors available, match the tones of the stuff you use at kitchen. With peach, I used neutral browns, cream, off-whites and peach.

In my next post, I’ll show you how I cornered the shelf!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestion guys! I’ll be very happy to know what you all think.



Vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting!

I cannot help baking. Specially not when its fall and I’m on the brink of entering the three best months of the year! I’m a loyal Fall/winter girl!¬†To top, today is a very special day for me and it needs celebration!

Here goes the recipe!

All purpose flour: 1 cup

Baking powder: 1 teaspoon

Sugar: 3/4th of a cup

Butter: 2/3 rd of a cup

Eggs: 2, large

Vanilla Extract: 1 teaspoon

Cold water: 2 tbsp


Cream butter and sugar, until light and fluffy. Dunk in two eggs, beat again and add vanilla.

In another bowl, sift baking powder and flour.

Mix the dry ingredients to the wet, mixing a bit at a time to avoid lumps.

Add cold water and give it a final whisk.

Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners and spoon in the batter. Remember to spoon in only till half to two thirds as you’ll need to keep room for it to rise.

In a preheated oven (That’s been preheated in 325) bake your cupcakes for 10-12 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

For the frosting

Mix unsalted butter and powdered sugar until light and airy. Mix in 1/3 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract and give it a final mix.

Now, you can either fill in a piping bag with your butter cream frosting and craft along or spoon and spread it on top of your cupcakes and sprinkle some rainbow rice, black rice or sprinklers of your choice! I don’t like very thick frosting in any form, so I chose the latter.

Happy weekend & Bon Appétit! 

My 100th post: Shading a century with Pastels!

This very post here is my 100th and I really cannot believe this. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was wondering if I should be on blogger or WordPress and settled for the latter as I was thorough with the workings of a WP dashboard- I was already writing for several sites in the back end. Amazing how time flies!

Through its course, I have not only met some of the most wonderful people, who are now my friends and whom I deeply cherish but have also witnessed some of the most inspiring pieces of work and projects that have moved, enthused and encouraged me to see graceful possibilities in even the most ungraceful. From cooking to DIY, from reuse to recognition- I feel happy that I am one of you.

You see, I’m no good at needle, but I guess I’m fine with pastels! Whipped up from pure imagination, and with wee bit of inspiration from the color and shading techniques of¬†Buddhist Monastery walls, this is done on writing pad with pastel colors. ¬†Fruit of boredom? Yes, sire, you can say. As long as it helps in pouring out some creative juice!

Here’s to you all! Cheers!

Fall decor and Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins!

I’m so happy! Well, fall’s not totally in but the crispness in the air tells me it will be here soon! It’s started to get cold, thicker quilts are out and of course the decor has began to change from light blues and greens to something more warm!

I dont remember where I saw them first, in blogs or magazines but from the moment I saw them, I knew I had to have them as a part of my fall decor. So last night, the great crafting sack was out from its den and I sewed up a couple of ultra adorable pumpkins: They are so very easy to make, I don’t even think this needs telling. You can figure it out from the photograph itself.

They are not placed yet, but I couldn’t help but share it with all of you. Aren’t they cute? I’m linking up to the It’s fall y’all autumn link party @Thrifty decor chick! Coming?

Have a great weekend!