A little rain and cappuccino!

This has been a family tradition to go gaga over coffee in the rains and the winters! Having grown up in the hills and in the foot hills of the great Himalayas, monsoon and winters were ‘the seasons’ to look forward to; while the winters were adorable with fireplaces and room heaters and after dinner hot chocolates, the monsoons were cozy over cappuccino and a light shawl.

Huddled up in our living room, listening to the rain drops on the glass windows, over the roof, over the tiny chrysanthemums, mum’s coffee made our day. Though basically, we are a tea family, of which I’ll have to talk about later, this coffee was special. This was the coffee we all looked forward to- a coffee that was specially made after dad was home from work. The sound of his car and we are ready to sip on the heavenly caffeine.

Though living in the hills seems like a distant memory, the memories of good times with my folks and my sister are here to stay and to be passed on to the generation to follow. And of course, so do the recipe, the warmth and the love. And someday i wish to give my children the best of monsoons, the best of times and the best of coffees. To inculcate in them, to foster in them the same love, the same sweet memories, that my parents did in us. That is success. That is living.

Its June. And its raining too. And as usually, i couldn’t restrict myself from having a cup by my window. Here is the recipe to rock your rains.

For two:

2 tbsp coffee powder

6 tbsp sugar

1 teaspoon warm water (add slowly)

1 cup milk

1 cup water


Beat them for around 5 to 7 minutes till it becomes light toffee colored and the sugar crystals dissolve.

boil the milk and the water

Put one spoon full into each cup and pour the milk and water mixture

Stir gently. You’ll see the froth floating on top.

Garnish with cinnamon, drinking chocolate or whipped cream. Our favorite is cinnamon.

To all those who are into monsoons and cherish the pitter-patter of the heavenly drops against the window panes and the green tree against the dark gray sky, this coffee is for you! Enjoy!


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