5 days to Christmas: Pretty Flowers

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Merry Christmas: Christmas Home, Christmas cake and 70’s pop art!


♥ Sparkly corners, little things, joy and sunshine

Smiles. Gingham cloth on breakfast table. Freshly baked bread

Pear tarts.. Yum.

Family time, love time, under the holiday sun

The man in the kitchen, grilled fish over lemon grass

That little black dress, red wine, Christmas pudding, fairy lights

Quiet corners to dream away, Hot chocolate, Polar express, flannel pajama with teddy bear on it.

Fluffy blankets, movie time, secretly watching stars at midnight!

A glittering Christmas tree with hopes for a better world on its branches.

Wishing you a thoughtful Christmas if you are reading it and all the things above ♥

IMG_9801Now, for the super easy Christmas cake Recipe:

In a sauce pan, put to boil brown sugar, raisins, grated ginger (1/2 teaspoon), cinnamon (2 teaspoon) and Jack Daniels Whiskey

In another bowl, cream 2 eggs and 3/4th cup sugar. When fluffy and doubled, add dry mixture (1 and a 1/2 cup flour, 3 heaps tablespoon cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of salt)

Fold it in nice and easy and add chopped almonds.

Bake in 220 (centre rack) for 10 minutes, turn down to 180 and bake for another 20 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean with a few crumbs attached to it.

This is a dense cake and should be like it. It’s not light and airy and decadent at all. Your cake should have a packed, dense base.

Enjoy with coffee or cocoa.

Merry Christmas all!


Christmas Wishes: From ours to yours

Our little nook wishes you a very merry Christmas.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate

Prefer Polar express over Charlie’s Angels

Spike your cuppa coffee wit a lil’ whiskey

Grab your knit-socks and earl flaps

Watch Christmas specials

Sit on your bed

Maybe doze off for a while

Marinade the chicken

Open the windows

Let some sun in

Check on the Rum Glaze

Eat a cookie

Take a walk

See your hydrangeas

Go back to Hot chocolate

Do whatever you like

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

From Rukmini, Rohan and all things Tru and happy!

And man will live forever more because of Christmas Day!

Hello Ladies! All set then? Are you spiking your morning coffee with whiskey like me? Are you wearing your beige peep toes and trying it out? Haha, or maybe testing a bit of rum while making the rum and raisin cake? Girls, while I write this, Im sitting in a blue, green and white little cubicle, with my Second cup of “morning” coffee and all my mind is not at work. I can see only glittery bells, sunshine on my feet, lots of TV and chocolates on the center table. I do not want to work, not now! Who does!

So, here is my tree that we decked up last to last night. Simple red and white with touches of silver. This is not a real evergreen, a fake one, but I do think it looks gorgeous. Well, we did it over some really good port and a “rehearsal chicken wings on barbecue sauce”. I’ll give you the recipe after Christmas, or if anyone wants it before, let me know. I’ll email it to you

This is how she looks with lights on. I love to switch off the lights of room and simply stare at it. It is so dreamy. It makes me sing “and man will live forever more, because of Christmas Day”

Merry Christmas my beautiful friends. Have a fun filled holiday, laugh a lot, spread cheer and keep being who you are.

From us to yours.

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Trumatter’s Strawberry Jam Recipe

Hello and a morning to all the lovely talented ladies! How’s it going in this “3 days to Christmas” phase. Not too good here at the Tru-palace: Im only cooking and baking and jamming (that would be making jams)! But finally, R is back, the tree is done over rehearsal chicken wings in soy sauce and wine dinner, and it’s looking just the way I thought it would. But that’s a different story! Today, it’s only Jam we will be talking about.

There is something about homemade jams that keeps me glued to them. I love its taste, I love the fact that it has no preservatives, I love the fact that they are absolutely dump-and-go that much suits my style and I love the fact that they are so easy to make and yet gives you so much credit. I love being appreciated! So, obviously when I got 1/2 a kilo of strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, it was evident that some of it are going into the making of the most tasty jam ever. I’m such a self praising thing, am I not?

So, let’s do this. You’ll begin with about 2 cups of strawberry pulp. How to make strawberry pulp? Take the leaves off and simply mash them with a fork. No brainer. 

Once you get your pulp cornered, (add a lot of spills if you are listening to good music and dancing like me while you are doing this) add 3/4th cup of caster sugar and a tbsp of lemon juice. Lemon Juice will keep the sugar from crystallizing, giving your jam a smooth consistency.

Now, dump all of it in a saucepan and cook in medium heat for about 5-7 minutes and then on low for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally. You’ll see a lot of white froth in the beginning, which will die out later. Once all the foam has settled and your strawberry mixture starts looking thick, pick your jam with a fork and see whether it stays on the fork without dripping. If it does, your jam is done.

Enjoy with fruit bread, home made ice cream or ah come on however you wish. I’m no food website! I’m only a foodie!

The next batch becomes pie; recipe courtesy: the very talented Tammy Mc.Leod

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Where I Vanished for the weekend: Into the strawberry days and nights

There, there! Hows it going with all of you with only 4 days left to Christmas? In this teeny apartment, to-do-lists are back! Isn’t that wonderful. Because perhaps I am the only one alive in this earth to be as daring as to go vacationing on the only weekend left for Christmas. Yup. I was up-early and away to Mahabaleshwar (Spell Ma-Ha-B’-Leash-War), a hill station about 400 kilometers away from Mumbai that’s also the largest producer of strawberries in India. can you see the hearty, happy, full of strawberry goodness and bursting with all the vitamin C, me? You can? Oh yay! Money well spent. Oh wait. it was a sponsored vacation, courtesy: Naaptol.com, one of India’s largest e-commerce platform of which I am a part.

Hydrangeas!!! Oh me my, kill me. I managed to get a cutting too but I do think it’s gonna survive. *sobs*. Let’s hope it does.  And now, on to some snippets of the road, the purely old school vintage stay and some colleagues/friends.

The entire road entwined rugged mountains set against the bluest of blue sky. Makes me wanna sing BB King!

When I opened the door to the verandah of our cottage that was given to us, I instantly fell in love with it. Bathed in sunlight, amidst greens and lined with terracotta, yes, I would love to buy this place. Someone evaluate please!

MTDC resort- that’s the name of the place. This is only one side of it, there are other cottages as well- the place is pretty huge and is kept quite old school- intentionally or due to lack of attention is a question to ponder on!

ye ye! You could tell i was smitten. Lurve the light fixture. I would actually love to have a similar one over my dining table. R, are you listening?

Okay, guys, my room had a transistor! A TRANSISTOR too. When was the last time you heard about it? oh, love at first sight again.

Vintage Drawer pulls. I was so tempted to nick one off…

The team. From Left: Sachin Singhal (The captain), Abhijeet Shewale on starboard design, Anil Rana on Ctrl X, Tushar Sarang: Ahoy coordinators, Rukmini Roy: The one and only, editor cum foodie turned cook cum brilliant photographer cum advisor cum all that makes you a genius etc. and Sheetal Joshi: On loading, uploading and exporting and a renegade hat lover!

These two individuals who seem to be asking me are actually warning of an impending accident. I was oblivious to a car behind me which was honking in its full glory and me without earphones or any sort of distraction couldn’t hear it. My mind is never at its place.

We caught someone sleeping in my very colorful Earl Flap hat. Mr. Rana it is- our designer. Well, this became quite a hit. (We tricked him to close his eyes- dont ask)

This would be Vidhi from IT. Chatter box, masters in whats app, head strong and an aspiring singer. We need Lime Soda here!

And this Mr. with my earl flap is Pratik Gupta who mumbles, cut=copy paste in his sleep. Signs of a hard working employee!

The two very-fond-of-each-other men again, I have a story to tell here. The man is yellow began with, “Dude, behind the taxi stand of Darjeeling, the one that’s below the road, there is a hotel where you have to self serve yourself. **** what a view man, that’s probably one of the best self serve joints I have seen. Tell me Rukmini, what’s the name?” I say, ‘Glenary’s?’. He says, “yes, yes, man…..what a…………………………… they have the best lime soda”.

And we hear a squeak from the man in blue. “All this for just Lime Soda?” Hahaha!

We also munched on some Farm Fresh Raddish. YUM!

And finally, doing what I do best. Anybody heard of the process called cross process?

Well, that would be about it from this daring little escape. Off to sleep for the day- we hardly slept. 6 hours in 48 hours. Think I can even stand straight? C

P.S: Coming up next Strawberry jam recipe from the Strawberries we got off the local vendors.


Our Christmas Tablescape, Menu & Traditions!

Ladies and gentlemen (doubt there is any), welcome to my humble abode. Hows it going at your nooks? All happy and white? Ready for a lil’ sneak peek? Well, even if we are a zillion years away from snow or even frost, its been getting a bit chilly here in the evenings. Nature’s way of telling you, “dowse thyself in bourbon, Eggnog and cookies and read a good book by the fire. This is December yo!” How I love winters. The moment I stepped out of my very blue cubicle, a gush of cool wind hit my face and whispered in my ear that maybe I should jump a bit instead of walking so straight on the pavement in my formals. Maybe I should have some junk food and pick up a warm pint. Maybe I can. Lol, and I did. It felt wonderful.

Anyway, after all that jumping, warm pint, Christmas songs on youtube and the last of the surviving cookie crumbles (I swear I added 2 inches to my already plump waistline) I finally brought out my China and laid the table.

Here are the elements that went into the making apart from my China and Crystal ware.

Clay coastal creatures and hearts- strewn carelessly (Like I have the patience)

Glass baubles (Yes, without a couple of sparkly spheres, I’m never satisfied). I tucked in some red satin ribbons in them to go with the theme.

I filled a glass with scented salts and stuck a red tapered candle in it. Rested a real, dried starfish (a colleague got it for me on request- yes my colleagues are very supportive of my blogging habits which also accounts for the fact that I owe the credit of my header to one of my flash designers 🙂 ) at the foot of the candle!

 Simple, coastal, clad in red, silver, cream, a hint of gold and loads and loads of white.  Just the way I like: a coastal take on my mom’s Christmas decorating!

And that my friend leaves me with only two places, yet to get the touch- my bedroom and the tree- of course I cannot do this without R here. This tradition was started by my father, who always roped in his family in anything he did, anywhere he went. Decking the tree together was his idea, which quickly became a tradition. Now, me and R deck the tree together, every year over sweet treats, food, coffee, wine and music, since my family is far away. He always makes me feel @ home. He is home. I’m waiting for him to be back! He is my best friend you see.

Am I talking too much? Okay, sorry, quickly to the menu

This obviously is not traditional and we keep changing it all the time, except the roast. That’s possibly tradition again.

Take a look:

Chicken Wings in sweet soy sauce

Crab cakes (if i find crab meat that is)

Roast Chicken

Rum Cake with candied fruits and raisins


(how could I forget) Jelly! Red and green- specific with passion fruit and cranberry toppings.

Off to some pedi I am. Have a fabulous weekend!

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