Happy Halloween

Our craft store had the perfect little present for me. Two sachets of pumpkin cutouts. Aren’t these just the cutest? Well, I attached them to ice cream sticks and they will bear name of the inferior mortals on the plates of our Halloween dinner. It won’t be a big affair, just the two of us eating some candied apples, plus intruders, ghosts etc.

Remember this tray that got a makeover with chalk paint? It goes to one of the end tables. I do think these blood red roses would attract vampires.  I mean, it attracts me…mmm..exactly what am i getting at?

Have a great weekend and a good Halloween! By the way, do you know when i’m not blogging, I sing? Sometime I’d post a scratch recording…just to get my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe.

Toodles me kindered spirits

Shubho Mahalaya: Durga Puja officially Begins!

Today, the good wins over evil.
Today the goddess takes over our inner demons.
Today we will be pregnant with hopes. Hopes for a better tomorrow, for a world where the innocent don’t die and terrorism remains but as a word in the pages of history.
Today begins Durga Puja– a 4 day festival worshiping Goddess Durga, the epitome of power, the creator of the universe and the laws of preservation, and destruction. An epitome of nature’s subtle balance that’s also qualitative of a woman: While her 10 hands represent multitasking, each hand in turn holds elements of significance or in some philosophies the ten quadrants of Hinduism, her arrival with her children represent nourishment and nurture, the tender nature that’s so typical of the fair sex.

Mahalaya marks the end of “pitripokkho” (the fortnight of the forefathers) and the beginning of “Debipokkho” (the reign of the supreme goddess)- celebrating the power of a woman, the often ignored common day mendicant who also happens to be the more powerful, only not arrogant of the powers. A zillion years ago, it was a woman who saved the heaven from evil, or so goes our legend.

(Shiuli phool- Durga puja without shiuli is Christmas without Mistletoe)

As I stand infront of the mirror, this moment, I feel proud to be a woman. Who else has the power to create but us, a weak class often looked upon by the physically stronger and yet with such immense power that it can destroy civilizations? The power that is there within often lies not indulged. Perhaps this humility is what keeps us grounded, makes each one of us special.

Feeling special ladies? Let the sarees flow and adorn the doe-eyed chicas, then!

To all the women in blogland: Have a prosperous week ahead!