Yes, we’re all here to live, either in our own spaces or in others’ – as tenants. I have always made the lowliest of my living spaces a dream that I come home to at the end of each hard-working day. A space I return to after a day of crazy deadlines, drudgery, disappointment, frustration, traffic snarls, rick fights, routine-boredom, etc. And voila, I come home and I can love life all over again, dream again, be crazy about me and just about everything and everyone. Those who have seen me live, can vouch for it.
But for some reason, just when I’m comfortably settled in my space and wondering what to do next, in come the owners subtly hinting they want to move in instead. Which obviously means, we move out and start all over again. Come to think of it, life sure is a journey and not a destination. And here I have journey after journey, to create and live in, something I will share with you in this section – the before and after!
Below are some homes/ rooms/ things I have transformed with little or nothing. I hope you all like it.
Changing a Kitchen- House 2/Airoli (Click on the image to read the full post)
Bedroom: What to do on a Rented Place with Ugly pinks. House 2. (Click on photo to go to full post)
A Reading Corner Makeover- Home (Click on Photo to read the full post)
A kitchen makeover with open shelves (Click on image to see full post)
A dresser corner makeover (Click on image to see full before and after)
A mini-cabinet makeover(Click on image to see full before and after)
A Chair Makeover (Click on image to see full before and after)
Before story: Home 5
A quaint flat on the 9th floor that we absolutely fell in love with.
20140323_110742 20140323_110732

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