The House: You can hear its vicious heart ticking

IMG_8581We moved into this house, in 2011 with a two years lease. I have never talked about what i went through since then on a public platform because I thought it would be stupid to talk about mere feelings and notions, let alone the fact that there is a 100% possibility of my own mind playing tricks on me.

Today, when I sit and recollect all the things that have surprisingly gone wrong while in this house- I find they are many.  And it all seemed to have bloomed out of nowhere.


When I moved into this house on a cold January morning, my skin looked healthy, I was happy, my appliances were all in good condition, I was engaged to that sweetheart boy of mine- we stepped in, had a look at the house and we were instantly sold. The big windows, the flooding lights, the airy balconies- it was pretty much a home we were looking to live in.

On a day’s notice, we moved in and started our family. Rohan did not move in yet- but he was about to. And he would be with me, for most days, after work and on weekends. It was just about perfect.

Months went and everything was going fine when we got a pair of guinea pigs. Fuzzy and Zoe if you remember? If not, here they are.


Me and Ro went all the way from our place to Bandra to get them home! Oh what fun times. We kept them in a big cage in our living room and every weekend we took them out to the garden to play and munch on some grass. We loved them.

A couple of months passed when one night I had a dream. That a dark figure is calling me out. It broke. I woke up and fell asleep to dream again. In my dream, within the dream I woke up to find a man hanging from the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I wake up, look at the clock and its some minutes past 2. And then I really wake up and look at the clock. Some minutes past 2.

Spooky as it is, I went to check on the little piglets. They seem to be hungry. I gave them a handful of cherries and came back- sleepy and with a mild headache.

At 7, when I opened the door to let the maid in, I went near their cage. Huddled and glassy eyed- they lay there cold and dead. As if petrified with something they have no clue about.

We buried them in the garden with a heavy heart and forgot all about it.


Meanwhile I started having huge fights with Rohan. Somewhere there was a tension between the two of us and we blamed ourselves for it. You see, every house has a weak point and a strong one- I am generally the weak one and hence whatever happens is generally my fault. Rohan is the angry one who also has OCD and Im the one who forgets to do things and dont do it properly. But we reverse roles too and make for a perfect yin and yang. I won’t hide that, really. But our fights end with smiles and laughter. These fights were never ending. Very unlike the relationship we used to share.


One stormy night, I had a dream again.

That the whole world had turned an ugly angle of 40 degree or so. Its twilight time with a tinge of blood red and dark grey in the sky and I must go to Rohan’s home. In a tilted world, I step out of the door and see a man- dark, grim and with gloom in his smile- telling me, “its time”

I look at him and for a split second think of all the good things in my life. The smiles, the laughter, the beautiful world- and I tell him, “Not now. Not today”

I wake up sweaty, feeling jittery and vulnerable. I still wonder if that was death.


On close heels to this one, I see little marks on my hand- my fingers. The doctor recognized it as detergent allergy. I know once I move out, I’ll be cured.


Sometime that week when i was heating food, I feel something cold on the nape of my neck. Someone just told me that the soup is bad. I think its my inner voice. I heat it and take a spoonful. Its rotten like its 2 months old.


I close the door, the door opens. I switch the gas off, it gets switched on. I feel murderous and irritated and everything gets to me. Im hardly the person I used to be


To make rice in a microwave, you put it for 9 minutes. On one such occasion, we hear a bang and see the microwave on the floor. It was on, hot and looks like someone just took it and thre it off the shelf.


A week back, I had a dream. That there was an earthquake and I am trying to get up from my bed and run. I fail- the world is shaking, way too violently. I look at the clock in my dream- its around 3.

I wake up with a jolt, I look at the clock- its about the same time.

I survive the night and talk to my sis in law about it the next day. Spooked, I sleep alone again (ro was in himalayas) that night.

Next morning, mishtuk passes away.


My lil sis in law calls from chennai and tells me she felt something too. And while on the phone I hear something else. I ask her, hey who ur talking to? She seems oblivious and asks me, well I was gonna ask you the same thing.


We finally decide to leave. The motorbikes seem to have unnecessary problems and hoard of problems are cropping up for no reason. Like the house has a heart and its ticking viciously. Challenging us, every minute.

But we are determined to move, come what may.


In my culture, they say when something bad is about to happen to you, your pet takes the curse first

In my culture, the god of death is yama. A dark man who comes to take you away


notions or not, we human beings are equipped with sense that can feel uncanny presences. Whether you believe it or not- I have a feeling that my house is haunted.

I’ll see you next week. In a trouble free new home.

13 Secrets To A Happy Rabbit

IMG_0562Afternoon people out there!

It’s been a while… I know.

As my post title suggests, we’ll be talking about a beach house bunny today- the secret to a happy rabbit.

Before I begin on how to take care of your pet rabbit or how to share your apartment with a bunny, which would be a better title for this, let me tell you what all we have juggled a lot. A lot means, a lot.

In Pursuit of that Perfect Pet

Since the time we’ve started staying together, we’ve been looking for pets. Dogs, cats, fishes, at adoption sites, rescue lists, pet shops, from a friend of a friend who eventually decided to not give his lab puppy away after we’ve travelled 50 kilometres to get him and were mentally prepared- it was never ending. We exchanged links over email keeping our most important assignments at bay, we liked several rescue pages over Facebook to see if that dream puppy was somewhere along- nothing. When does one call enough, enough?

Tired and beaten and badly wanting, Ro decided we’ll keep fishes. So there we were in the pet shop, several hours later waiting to pick up Ro’s favorite fighter fish and guess what happened? From a whole room full of potential pets, I impulsively picked up a baby bunny. I could never let it go!

I’ve heard that they stay best in pairs so we took 2. One grey and one white.

Unfortunately, the Grey one died after a week.


On close heels of his death, we got 3 rabbits to keep the one who survived from the first lot company but all of them died, one after the other, leaving him alone as ever.


We read it up online and found no source to explain the sudden deaths. I also read somewhere that they die sudden.What a major heartbreak man!

We decided to never get another rabbit again and keep him single with us.
We thought he’d die in a week as we’ve heard they are social animals. Pardon us for being cruel- when you see too many deaths, you tend to get annoyingly practical.

Myth Bust

Its over a month and a half now- fluffy is doing great and he is very happy. He is that little creature who trots on your feet as you make yourself a cup of coffee and needlessly give you all the love he has. He might nibble on your favorite slippers and sometime your fat toe too but its all too sweet to even pay attention to the damage. They are your everyday mental damage control device.

So how did he survive? How did that happen?

This is where I’ll give  you the secrets to a happy rabbit and bust some myth’s arse.

From what I have learnt-

1. Not all bunnies survive. Take this hard fact from me. Bred in captivity and in enormous numbers, its evident that only some will have survival-of-the-fittest genes. Count 1 out of 20. So, if your baby bunny die, don’t blame yourself for the rest of your life. They might be from a bad stock.

2. Your bunny will always be happy if you interact with it. Call it names, go near it, play with it, snuggle it a bit. They are social animals remember? Not rabittically speaking but for real. They love company.

3. Never, ever give your baby bunny a bath. It kills them. Sponge them with lukewarm water atleast until they are a month old, if you feel he’s gotten dirty. They generally clean themselves.

4. Hay is the happy secret. Make it mandatory to give him hay. Make it available to him all times of the day. Your rabbit can eat cabbage, fresh coriander, tomatoes, beetroot, spinach (fluffy hates it. He just ignores it) along with hay. You can feed them veggies twice or in little amounts throughout the day. One very important thing to note: Please make sure you are feeding your bunny at the same spot- ideally his basket. This will also train him to expect food only in his corner. For added benefits, read point 7!

5. There is no need to buy expensive cages and bedding and running wheels or whatever you buy. Get a big enough basket, line it with newspaper, get cheap straw and make his bed. On one side, keep his hay. Get a bigger basket to keep him caged when you want to.

6. The best exercise your bunny can get is to run around the house. Let him. Its fun.

7. You cannot potty train anyone. However, you can notice where it generally pees. Rabbits are good. They poop and pee while they eat and all one really needs to do is give him his food in his home and cage him. Do it for 5 days and it will automatically poop there. MOSTLY. Don’t be surprised if you find round pellet like poop in corners. Just broom it out and throw them in the dustbin. If they pee everywhere but their cage, clean it with dettol. They hate dettol and never pees there 😛 My bunny however has chosen one rug and his home as his loo. Your bunny will choose 2-3 areas for himself. Note these areas and provide cheap rugs. MYTH: Rabbits pee stinks. Ball-talk. It doesn’t. You can just wash the rug once in 3 months.

8. Keep straw in his bed and not fancy self-absorbing stuff because it absorbs pee like magic, its cheap and it dries really fast, keeping his home dry.

9. They tend to eat their poop sometimes. Allow him. Its full of fiber.

10. Limit sweet treats to once in 15 days. Pet him and give it to him. He will lick your hands with tiny tongue that feels like heaven.

11. When you want to punish him, cage him and scold him. It really works.

12. A single rabbit can be your pet. That social thing is bullshit.

13. If you have free wires running around the house, just switch the connecting plugs off. They actually dont bite wires. They like hairbands though 😛

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