Snippets from Pelling, Sikkim & Thoughts Streaming From The Himalayas


Mt.kanchendzonga from middle Pelling, the 3rd highest peak in the world.

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”- Buddha

And I laughed. I laughed seeing God’s mockery slammed square on my face. Build the tallest building you might but you will never reach heights. Do what you must to call yourself rich and yet all your riches are useless here. Standing in front of the beautiful Mt. kanchendzonga I went through a series of crazy feelings: From a proud earth-dweller and getting drunk in its beauty to a vulnerable speck of dust, simply left at the mercy of this sky-high guardians of the East. At times I jumped like a little baby to catch a glimpse of the snow-clad range, at times it made me feel bad about the times I reacted in haste to a word that could have been received better. At night, the pressing silence helped me hear myself and in the morning soaking the sunshine felt better than a million dollar spa. At times, there was no dinner and we ate biscuits and drank whiskey and laughed a lot. At times, just looking outside whet our appetite. At times you’ll wonder why are you so happy. And then your thoughts will take you back to a place where your car, sofa or the job you do is not at all necessary. Will all of that and more give you this feeling of standing in front of the great Himalayas? You’ll brood on this thought and slowly come to the conclusion that you don’t want any of this things you so needed. They are just to fill the void you have been wanting to fill in and which arose out of disconnect to nature. You don’t really need them to be happy. Everything you need to be content and happy is here in this world- perfect and free. Its the answer to the questions you never knew.

The best home decor is The Himalayas outside your window.


As I looked through my lens I felt proud to be a work of the same creator. Never before have I thanked God so much for giving me a perfect pair of eyes, an ear to hear and the feet to walk. Never before did I look up and thank him for making me a creature than can feel, can connect. Look at us going crazy about how to look beautiful. That you have eyes to see, ear to hear, feet to walk and the ability to feel isn’t perfect? We are perfect the way we are. In life’s most important places isn’t this all we really need?

You have no choice but to stop and admire and gasp: God! Maybe look up and wink at the man and tell him what a cracker of a DIY er he is. You know, its true when they say that the best feelings in the world are the ones which cannot be explained. I am at a severe loss of words as I write this blog post: I have so much to communicate but I don’t know the right words to do justice to the feeling. I felt good. After many many years I felt at peace and that I’ll remember the lofty mountains and its selfless greatness and what it really means to be alive. It’s not the post or the bank balance or even the looks. It’s the majestic mountains, the great seas, gorgeous flowers, heady sounds of cricket in the woods and little Hamlets with perfectly manicured gardens and the ability to see, hear and feel.


Khecheopalri lake, Pelling

I have been to Pelling before but not the way I went this time. We were travelling extensively and we were glad we did. If you ever visit Sikkim and Pelling, pay buck to a local guide and go to “Khechuperi” or Khecheopalri or Kha-Chot-Palri Lake. A wish fulfilling lake, sacred to Buddhists and Hindus alike, it is considered to be the the abode of “Tshomen Gyalmo or chief protective nymph of the Dharma as blessed by Tara. You can read about it here.  I’ll put in a word for it being a wish-fulfilling lake. It is. Take a chance, make a wish.

The waters are holy and fishing or even feeding the fishes is prohibited. You are also not to wash your hands or feet in the lake. But there is nothing more in discord with nature than a bunch of oblivious Indians who would feed cream-biscuits to the fishes. I spoke. They listened. Started after 5 minutes, slyly.

And on our way back, caught these wild Hydrangeas growing out of nowhere. They were everywhere. Plump, in shades of blue and pink: I wish I could carry a suitcase full of that weather for my wee plants in here!


In Pelling, you can pay some 2k INR and hire an entire car for day-trips. It touches quite an interesting srray of spots and it’ll be totally worth. The day trip we took involved seeing the second highest bridge in Asia. Singshore Bridge, with a span of 198 metres and 220 metres in depth, Singshore Bridge, nearUttarey in West Sikkim, is considered the second highest suspension bridge in Asia. Here is what a river looks like from Singshore bridge, don’t be mistaken- its not a waterfall!


Caught a glimpse of Dentam Valley while returning and on our way to Rabdentse Ruins. Too bad the battery died and I could get no photos of the ruins through this DSLR. If you want to see the photos of the ruins, please head over to my instagram, you’ll find them there. I am as Trumatter, as ever!


This is how chores look like high up in the hills. One of my personal favorite photos.


Stopped for a glass of wine at the one and only functional food joint in Pelling. Again, recommended.



And then a steaming bowl of Thenthuk: A tibetan pasta soup, with handmade wheat pasta. Recommended. If you are in Sikkim, ask for Chhang- a local wine served in bamboo mugs. We really tried hard to chug a glass but its available only in the evenings. That bit didn’t happen!


The photos will just go on but I guess I’ll have to end it here before it gets heavier. But I won’t leave untill i show you my Balcony in Pelling and the view from it.


As surreal as it can get!

I’ll be back with photos from gangtok- the captal of Sikkim, more about Mt.Kanchendzonga and my childhood, a local whiskey you must bring home and some crazy noodle combinations. I’ll also put together a plan and places in general if anyone’s interested 🙂 For now, this is me signing off.



What I’m Wearing In Goa To The Blogadda & Tata Zest Bloggers Meet

Dreass_Day 1


Goodmorning people! How shocked are you to see a fashion post from trumatter? One that involves a little beachy-casual dressing for the weekend? It was so much fun putting my extreme lack of fashion sense to test, but I think I’m doing well with a light blue straight fit denim, a cotton shirt, my favorite grey tank, a beige scarf and a bit of funky silver.

It’s the Trumatter you have been knowing, travelling to Goa for an exclusive Blogger’s meet to check out the new TATA car: TataZest. Thought I’d show you how to wear jeans 3 ways (haha, it’s just one way) and a bit of accessory love thrown in from the girl who never does fashion. I mean come on, in this household, we sport PJs with ease and dress that up with a good top or two to push it as a funky pant. Whom are we kidding.

I recently had a conversation with a bloggy friend of mine who is totally into fashion and an amazing blogger too: she told me Goa is not for mommy jeans. Honestly, I think similarly too and did try to sport some dresses. But thing is mommy jeans has seeped in to my genes and that’s the only thing I am ever comfortable in. So here’s my pick for what to wear when you are miserable with fashion.

Dress Day 2Dressing up the same jeans with a white cotton top, a touch of black and gold, for the evening. A friend gave me this necklace and I hold it very dear. Also, would you believe if I told you that I packed all of this, now? Like right now.

And I have exactly 30 more minutes to go and get dressed and reach the airport to fly to Goa. I’m simply pushing it with this blog. Absolutely pushing it. To top, its raining like crazy today here in Mumbai and I see so many missing flights. Jesus Christ, me and paranoia are best friends specially when it comes to travelling. I always have this eerie feeling that I am gonna miss my flight, my train, my bus. To live with Paranoia I tell you…

Dress Day 2 Optional


Day 2- morning, i choose to add in a bit of floral for the love of Goa. A ‘kameez’ or ‘kurti’, same jeans, a turquoise ring, Darjeeling stone pendant, gold and black sandals.

I don’t know how stylish these ensembles are or if I accidentally put together major fashion flaws but hey, that’s me. This is more power to a casual beachy fashion where you sport mommy jeans with super style and tell that’s the rage 😉

What do you think?

Toodles and you have a lovely saturday.

P.S: Check our instagram and our twitter page for live updates.


Photos From The Roadtrip: Day 3 Achara, Malvan, Maharashtra


If you thought Goa was beautiful, you should trot the Malvan coast. Unexploited, non-commercialized, untouched and virgin beaches lace Malvan making it one of the best coastlines in India.

96.3 kilometres from Arambol, Goa lies Achara beach in Malvan- a place not many have heard of. We took the Bombay Goa Highway to Sawantwadi. From sawantwadi we went to Kudal and from Kudal to Achara. It’s one of those roads that make you feel like you are lost but you are not. If you take the straight road to Achara, you will end up on the beach for that is where the road ends. Right on you’d find Dhanlakshmi Resort {Or hotel or inn- I do not remember what it was} where you can stay with rooms for as low as 700 INR. They’d serve meals too- 150 INR for fish thali {platter which consists of rice, roti, fried fish and fish in gravy} and 120 INR for vegetarian thali. Verdict: Totally worth it.

52247990From Achara, head to Tondavli beach. We were so hungry, we could only reach this far. Oh and also, the road to Tondavli from Achara is drop-dead gorgeous. Stopped for a smoke here, in the middle of absolutely nowhere.


Reminds me of the wild, wild west.

20140317_180557The beautiful Achara beach and a sunset to remember

Day 3, we spent in Achara and headed to Malvan the next day. That part of the story, tomorrow 😉

Love from the coast


Photos From The Roadtrip: Day 1Goa

IMG_1074Finally. Welcome back to this wee little place called Trumatter. It’s been a while I posted here and I am not remotely guilty about it. While ze wee blog cried under the weight of nothing, I was there out in the sun, having some fun, getting well, leave that, eating some wonderful food and chilling at quaint places like these. Oh what a trip this was. What a trip. It was insane. I am still under the post-trip depression but these cheer me up. Till I do this again, I think Im gonna talk a lot about it here in this space.

So, tell me, would you be interested then in some details of our brave road trip in this hot summer sun? A trip where 4 guys gets ruled by 1 girl and gives her the best seat? Read on then…


Before I get into explaining the nitty-nobs of the trip, let me introduce you to my fella travelers- the coolest bunch of friends I have. If you know them closely, you’d know why this was a trip to remember.

IMG_1070 IMG_1073 IMG_1123IMG_1071

From top:

Gopal Dadhich: Will brave mammoth, genetically modified, malvani masala clad mosquitoes but never use odomos. He is nature’s own son and has a daughter who is by far the sweetest kid I have ever seen in my life. No kidding. A dad, a CA and a hippie at heart, ‘lala’ as we fondly call him is a gentleman.

Siddhesh John: Roughing out is just not his scene. You wouldn’t want to be in his bad books. Will have desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ankur Chugh: The adventurer spirit in him thrives in one corner of his being, pulsating, throbbing, dying to be unleashed till he gets out out of the city limits. Whether its his car stuck in fathoms of sand {with us clearing wheels while my poor husband tries to get it out} or falling down in mucky roads of himachal-  as long as he can laze, its all okay bitches. Tell you, this boy has a heart of gold. He is our own Mother Teresa.

Rohan Kadam: The best boy who drives us all around- may it be the cars or us, and one our parents trust when something important needs to be done. Mine does clearly 😛 Among his favorite things to do is “Create panic”. You don’t question him often. You just do what he says. Never wake him when he is asleep. Never interrupt when he is eating mandeli fry. Rest is cool with him. The wee boy whom I love so.

Yup, ze miserables I call friends and with all of us in one really nice car we headed here…

IMG_1084 …to the sands and seas of Goa. We started at 4 in the morning from Mumbai towards Goa through Kolhapur Highway & reached Goa by 2 with 2 breaks in between. That’s not too bad at all. We reached 2 days prior to Holi and stayed at arambol- in North Goa. I think Ive spoken about it here. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can get rooms in here for as low as 400 bucks a day and eat at shacks which serve some real good food. My favorite shack in Arambol would be Arambubble. They make good “white russians”, pulled beef chilly and spinach and cottage cheese dumplings.


Colors in Goa, Arambol. Sit by the beach, grab a pint and there’s nothing else you wanna do.

IMG_1089The good old sunny side up and bacon by the beach. Ah! good days I tell you.

IMG_1093Damn these guys. I’m gonna go take a dip in the water.

IMG_1095This girl with this hair stole my heart.

IMG_1096The man who stole my heart goes to conquer the sea.

IMG_1102On Holi day, no not Holiday- HOLI day, we leave from Goa to Achara, Malvan- a place little known and you’ll see why. Yup, that’s our car smeared with colors and getting mobbed on the main road by crazy people. Had it not been for the benevolence of two gentlemen, we would have had it.

To be continued…



Trumatter Goes Roadtrippin’

Om_BeachWe are goin’ road trippin’ along the west-coast of Maharashtra & Goa {one of the longest and one of the best coastline in India} and I’ll be broadcasting live on trumatter’s Facebook Page and Trumatter’s Instagram. Follow me on instagram to get exclusive photos right from the road, the lifestyle of fishermen, local food, a whole lot of sea, food options if you cannot eat nonvegetarian food, miscellanious {where I stay, what I do, what I eat, what rates- everything} and like trumatter on FB to get real time updates.

9I’ll also be facing my fear of water and go snorkeling and dolphin watching, if I don’t chicken at the last mo. Stay with me. It’ll be worth it.


Like a Cat in a Bag…


I’ve been a long time that I’m waiting
Been a long that I’m blown
I’ve been a long time that I’ve wandered
Through the people I have known
Oh, if you would and you could
Straighten my new mind’s eye. 

A drunk man taking home a tiny kitten to brighten his northern sky! The story would have been perfect…


Equally drunk or less that I was, I would have loved to believe this world is a beautiful place. I would have told his story with much compassion in my heart and tears in my eyes….and talked about it in a “Marley and Me” manner…


…But truth is, the conveniences of the city are not known to him. He walks the slippery, narrow, winding lanes to grab a drink or two in the tiny village by the lake. His booze is from the country- cheap. I could tell he’s not known many people. I could tell that the cat was possibly the only living thing that has shown him affection. I could tell he would let us take a picture or two for back home his friends are scanty. I could tell he has never known love…or what it feels to lose something he loves…


He told us his name is Pintya. He is Pintya from Vithalgaon. He repeated again. He asked if we would come next weekend. He insisted. He repeated many, many times. Maybe he wants his story told. But that wasn’t a way to get the story filed! He is here for the wrong reasons.


As he was getting ready to leave our company, he found it very convenient and humane to put the cat in a bag and secure it with a sailor’s knot, in case he spilled some its soul while carrying it back! The cat’s not dead yet, friend. It would be if you want it to be but it is still alive. I say it’s just born. Is this why they say alcohol is a bad thing? because I am sure he knows an animal is not a thing.

There is something very intriguing about a drunk man carrying a pet home. One could draw so many conclusions but I’ll leave it to that. Had it not been for us- he would have taken it back home as an unusual dinner. 

I look around and my head aches. A million thought collide in to one big chaos- should I deem it as animal cruelty? Should I call it an example of homosapien superiority that makes us think we can do practically anything with an animal, let alone owning one? Should I call it the effects of alcohol? I have seen alcohol abuse, very closely. I have seen how irrational alcohol makes people and how adamant. Whatever he drank- I’d like to drink it with Sonia Gandhi. 

Hello depression, old friend.

Beach Vacation: Surfer boys, portraits and sea

428371_10152435118865720_450620522_nWell well! Back to scheduled transmission with surfer boys, beach babes, portraits, coastal photographs, food and fun.

I think I’ve already raved a lot about the balcony in where I was staying in Arambol, Goa in my previous beach post. And why not if I can get Yugi’s prime lens to click such photographs as this. Look at that yummy shades of blue-grey and beautiful bokeh against the tree.

For 2 weeks, this tree against the calm and blue Arabian sea has been my favorite subject. In crisp, sparkling morning light that makes the sea shimmer or in the blaring sun @ 1 that makes the sea, a diamond bedspread. Or even in the dying lights of the day with its pink, crimson and purple after tones. I just didn’t get over it.

But surfer boys did get over it and hit the ocean straight!

735218_10152435120055720_1641189411_nAh! This surfer boy is more of a psychological surfer boy who prefers to stand in shallow waters and drink his dark rum. Fully clothed!!! Ankur will never really change would he? And probably that’s why we love having him around. That and the fact that he is also the awesome guitar guy for our band Colaba Point.

P.S: Colaba point just won the best Indian band for 2012 in AV Max magazine! Did I tell that to you guys?

DSC02462That’s me rocking a maxi dress! Not bad huh! Always thought I’d look like a tent in it 😛

From left to right: Her highness, Ankur, Denzil, Rohan

But hey, where are the surfer boys?

385364_10152435119655720_588318283_n Here are the surfer boys.

???????????????????????????????or girls!

Boys who not only surf but surf with a parachute or whatever that is called.

Give me 500$ and I’d pass. There are sharks in the water. They will eat me.

I’d rather just chill by the beach and eat a pineapple.

Or some fresh orange juice with a shot of vodka!

76919_10152435119250720_638054920_nWe frequented Ashvem beach in Goa a lot ‘coz we found this really great shack that had an upper deck and which served great food. Called “County side”, we absolutely adored the place and the guy who took orders. At the end of 2 weeks we were so friendly with him that he would customize food for us- “Get us one french fries with melted cheese on top” OR worse “One chicken noodles but make it a lot more spicy than usual. Put pepper and chili powder”.

Our requests were hideous and never ended. Best part is, we got to know that he is originally from somewhere around where we stay in Bombay. The connection was instant.

We all were so satisfied and happy that some of us were flying.




bird. Or a football hero after scoring 6 goals. I absolutely loved clicking this.

DSC02648And this.

Right next to Ashvem beach is Morjim- a clean, okay beach with 100% USSR domination. We went up to have a shandy (beer and limca: 1:1) and could get some great colors and closeups.

DSC02642Denzil thinking what most of us dont. I really don’t know what he was thinking 😛

DSC02467Me thinking too- I think food. I don’t think about anything else in life but “what to eat”. I have but “one love”.

In Gopalala’s shack- Photo Courtesy: Yugi

IMG_0044Or maybe that’s before I saw him.

LMAO. No, I’m only kidding.

This photograph is solely for my girls out here. I had no damn clue why he was posing like this right in front of my eyes.

Good on him and for me 😉

IMG_0136This Goa got me so jealous of perfect Bikini Babes that I promised to have bitter gourd and lose weight. My love for food has solidified into Michellin tyres around me which just wouldn’t rub off and go away. But nevertheless…

As I am uploading photographs, I’m kind of missing the life we had for 2 weeks.

???????????????????????????????My 48X zoom works for capturing “whatever they are doing”.

They were rolling all over the sand.

IMG_0186Yummy red beach dress! Want!

IMG_0176Or I can trad that beach dress for the most handsome cowboy I have seen in a long time! The dog behind is his friend. They kept splashing each other with water and played for a good half an hour. I really like dogs. They are very good.

But not as good as….

IMG_0011….Super awesome barbecued trout by the beach.

Every shack had choice of fishes and sea-creepies that you can choose and they’d bbq it infront of you and serve with salad, chips and dip.

Please tell me you wouldn’t go absolutely crazy.

PicMonkey CollageMusic time!

Absolutely dig these snippets.

And my honeymoon gift from Rohan! We’re calling it “honeymoon” because that’s more socially acceptable.

???????????????????????????????Blue Topaz and CZ diamonds, set in pure silver.

IMG_0163Last but not the least, here I am, chilling with a pint!


To sand, seas n dreams then!



A beach vacation!

IMG_0041Tally ho! Throw the weight and bring that darn sail down. I see a port.

To all of you under the snow and chill spell, here’s some warmth, a beach full of sweet Adirondacks, bamboo shacks, live music, lovely beach people and 30 bucks a glass of wine from the west coast of India- Goa to be precise, to stir summer within.

Right after our wedding, me and husband left for our 2-week-long beach honeymoon, to one of our favorite destination- Arambol, Goa. We drove down about 1200 kms (we also wanted to squeeze in a road trip :P) and had the best times of our life. But beware, this is not the kind of honeymoon for little girls in pink dreams but the kind your teenage son would be really proud of! ;P The kind that’ll make you “the man” at 60.


Situated in North Goa, Arambol is not or rather was not the hottest tourist destination. South Goa has always been the pricey tourist’s best spot with plush living, sky high rates and hoo haa. But baby, that’s not where Goa is. If you must experience Goa for what it really is and what it really has been, North Goa is your friend. 95% Russians  2%Indians and about 3% other constitute the crowd of this secluded beach- a place where you can be absolutely at one with the Sun, sand and sea. Best part is its almost “Typical Indian Tourist Free”. I fear this state is not going to be for long and soon we’ll need to search for another beach to hide our devil self.

IMG_0038I am so sorry to have caught her in a bad posture but the colors were too good to miss.

For 2 long weeks, we did absolutely nothing but sit in our balcony that overlooked the sea and have Gin and Tonic. Our everyday routine was to wake up to the sound of the sea at mid-day, walk out to the beach and have a heavy breakfast/brunch, come home and sit by the balcony and drink till the sun sets. Sundown- we used to get ready in our best dresses, walk out to the beach and have a long walk or chat followed by candlelight dinners (everyday) and wine. We might look very boring to most people our age but that’s our idea of “the ideal life”. We both are old souls!


A friend of ours has a shack in Goa called “Maya”. Once in 2 days we used to go there and paint with the hippies. I used to. And have a cup of filter coffee or raw mango juice. This was what I started. Couldn’t finish!

Over the first week, a couple of friends joined our honeymoon and turned it into a big , fat ‘joint’ musical honeymoon. We took our guitars, tambourine, melodica and Djembe, and performed live at the same shack. I was very skeptical as to how my voice would sound but looks like people really liked it.  A very talented musician joined our jam with morchang- a mouth held, manual instrument that gives off electronic sound. He trance-ified our jazz numbers! I’m so buying a Morchang. Music enthusiasts, please try it out.

IMG_0193This would be our beloved friends- the one on the extreme right is Abhishek Denzil (on drums), the one on the extreme left is Ankur Chugh (on guitars and a darn good one). The one in center in yugi- well, he was the cheerleader with an awesome camera. 😀 This photograph is from Ashvem beach, North Goa- I have never seen a beach as beautiful, as serene, as evocative and as pretty as this. A couple of old monks and cola went right through to warm our souls.

IMG_0155Ah! The beach condos. Look at those wicker chairs facing the sea. Too bad we liked our budget balcony a little too much! Honestly, if we wanted, we could have stayed anywhere in Goa for how many days we wanted. But we are the borderline roughing it up ones with traveler genes in us. We like to be comfortable and no more. We have no special requirements for staying in a place but hygiene and safety. We dont fuss over food unless its too salty or extremely chilly. We don’t feel the need for a bath tub where you can bathe in the sea. I actually wanted to stay plush one day just for the heck of honeymoon-ing, but that balcony man! It just won’t leave us. I’ll tell you why…

IMG_9964This is why…

IMG_9935This is why…

It was the most beautiful balcony overlooking the sea. A place where you can sit all day long, do nothing and not feel bored for even one moment.

On one such moment, me and Ro were talking about how the sound of the sea is eternally beautiful. Repetition of the same and yet always so charming. To an eye that only sees, there is nothing extraordinarily exciting in the the sea. But to the one who perceive  it is a storehouse of history. A testimony to everything that has passed the surface of earth. A calm saint that has silently let spices and pirates tread on its bossom. A destroyer when it wanted to. Hungry for lives and invincible ships, protector of the smallest little fish that calls it home. The power vested in it to destroy are never pronounced but sometimes to let you know that mankind is crossing the line. It’s got a character. And when you look beyond the obvious, you tend to be an extraordinary person. Your train of thoughts tries to achieve vastness. The sea in itself is meditation.

IMG_0334We both think a lot. Perhaps that is why we never left that balcony.

It’s impossible to talk all that I have experienced in one darn post and hence I’ll have to call it part I.

In next post, I’ll give out us playing our instruments, night life, surfer boys ( 😛 ), cocktail recipes from Goa, Cuisine, route map, budget diary and us.

Till then, Tally Ho!

P.S: I am using Darn word a lot. 😀

Where, What and When @ Bhandardara: Spell Bhun-der-dar-aa

A tiny holiday resort village located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, near the Sahyadri mountain range, Bhandardara is cradled and nourished by the Pravara river and leads to the highest peak in Maharashtra: Mount kalsubai @ 1646m.

Well, if you are up for some serious adventure, trekking, swimming and hiking, you’ll find this place to be exceptionally apt. But we really never did anything of that sort. Why? because we are the lazy sort. Instead we ate, drank and sang a song or two. Explored the local cuisine and gulped it all of with some beer at a local beer bar. Spent the terminal days of 2011 in ease. So instead of doing all that muscle straining activities we snugged in here!

 Since everywhere else was full, we had to pick these up at some exorbitant rates. Or maybe not that much, anyway. Each tent could accommodate 2 people and 3 at the most with an extra bed. We were 7 so we took 3 tents. Comfy? Come on ahead and I’ll show you the interiors of our one day Bedouin life.

here we are! I was particularly smitten by the fabric inside. Block print! I love block prints. Well, the fact that except for a tent cloth, it was an open bathroom didn’t restrict me to carry these.

 My victoria’s secret garden body mist and lotion and shower creme by Baileys and Hardings, England. I’m a freak.

Our tents ran by a beautiful stream and we partied all night out with campfire. And here my boy, the story begins. Some harmless rum got me real high and I lost my sense of humor. To all who reads me, let me tell you although I have my moments of anger, I am in general a very patient girl. I only get angry twice a year. I guess I began my new year with one. Just a couple of hearty talks and friendly banter made me so angry that I vent out my anger on someone else instead. Hahaha, from all that I could remember, I had people consoling me in my tent and all that. Such was the intensity. And it all stopped with a classic puke- rescued by no other but the love of my life. Even in that bathroom, he kept his calm and told me: “Don’t worry. Happens to the best of us”. Tell me why won’t I love him! I am crazily in love with him.

Anyway, coming to the point, even if I had a tiff that night and I still feel quite embarrassed about it, there is one thing I understood clearly. In this whole world, there will be never be anybody who will love me as much as this man does. My new year party was successful, right there, the very moment. Oh and one more time. When I found these beauties by the stream yo!

I know its not visible but the stones are pure turquoise! I’ll update with a pic in the morning.

And Raw quartz crystals! Again, this calls for an another pic.

While coming I was so so soooo tired that I couldn’t take any pictures but this

Bokeh with little hearts!

Well, what began well, ended well. The dent in between we shall forget. After all, we are all friends and I love all of them who went with me.

Here’s to a brand new year with brand new opportunities. Laugh, live, shine and love.