DIY: Chandelier Revealed!

Woohoo! I finally did it! A chandelier is what I desperately wanted and I finally got myself together (I had moments when I just thought of buying one) to actually make and install one; Believe me, the story has been rather wiry and there are 3 visible bruises and two tiny cuts to prove my victory over the wiggly wires.
Thank you Tammy, for being such a darling and putting in my head the idea of wires. Thank you Janice for being an angel and saving me from the impending doom and for showing me her lovely Chandelier; if plain wires could do this to me, I shudder at the thought of what barbed wires could. Thank you Sarah for telling me that I have good taste in lights. Boosting one’s confi is not an easy job, not when someone’s trying to make a chandelier for herself :P. And last but not the least, thank you Chelsea for your suggestion that old school still rocks. This Chandelier is a combined effect of all your suggestions, thoughts and ideas. I hope you all like it.
 All I needed was:
wire: 10 meter
A measuring tape
White paint
Plastic wire
Fairy lights

 First the frame, then a coat of white, the attaching the crystals and lastly lacing the wire frame with the lights. Ta-da! It shines above our two seat table and we are loving it.
Let me know what you guys think! Have a happy, happy weekend!

More Chandelier love!

A barbed wire chandelier! Who could have expected that! Inspired by the “post-Berlin Wall reunion of the east and the west,” this piece is made by designer & artist Tove Adman.

Although replicating this would be quite a task, I dont see why I should brand it as Impossible! It is possible, maybe even with a piece of crystal or two! I can see the thought bloom. What do you say ladies? How do you like this?

On another note, here is something I’d really like, maybe when I have a bigger home or a bigger budget.

This beauty adorns the sitting room of Janice’s Edwardian Home in the Isle Of wight, and I absolutely envy this classic beauty. Certainly this cannot be made by me and this is what probably cuts me out from the league of real artisans! Look at those lovely drops! *Swoon*!

Here I am, signing off, still in pursuit of a perfect chandelier for my little home!

DIY: Make your own milk glass

I agree. There is a charm about milk glass that’s in no other. Long before it got its due worth, got tagged as vintage and came about the etsy shops as must have’s, I knew I wanted my own set. I adore milk glasses and as a kid I remember thoroughly admiring my granny’s hutch which was studded with crockery made out of milk glass. Oh! The candle stands and the pudding bowls. How I still want them and I know eventually they will be mine. But for now, here’s a quick DIY to turn your plain glass to milk glass.

Here’s how: (don’t miss the tip at the bottom)

Choose any glass jar or bottle you’d like to transform. Preferably with texture on it as it will help intensify the effect.

Now, pour in some color in it: you can use any shade of latex acrylic paint with a bit of water mixed in it or plain acrylic paint. Ideally choose a shade that’s near to chalk white or pale white.

Once you have poured the color, swirl it: from base to top. Invert. Wipe the rim with a cloth and let it dry for at least a day.

Group them together or scatter individually. They look really nice. Try it!

TIP: I have looked around the blog land for this and in lots of places I have found instructions that calls for spraying the glass from outside. Talking from experience, spraying them from outside will not give the same effect as painting or spraying them from within as doing so makes it lose its glassy sheen and makes it look more like painted glass and not milk glass.


A touch of red and a vintage glass jar

A flea market find: 30 INR! Three red Gerbera, a couple of faux milk glass and a white table top. Transforms any corner and definitely works for me.

I don’t know when I picked up this love for white. I look around my house and I see whites. Everywhere! And I’m loving it. This weekend I did a “DIY: make milk glass” and I am so happy with the results. Since I worked on the glass from inside, it retains its outer sheen and makes it look almost organic.

Have a great week ahead

DIY: An open-cupboard re-do & a gift from Sherlock Holmes

The tattered cupboard needed a coat of white! Recently, I came across a blog, where in I found the idea of covering books with white paper for a more serene and decluttered look. Well, it really was worth a try!

Mr. Holmes found the top shelf for his new residence in India, where he will be putting up at secret hours for private consultancy. Kindly drop a message if you’d like an appointment. In case of emergency, just walk in.

My sweet uncle from Germany visited England and stood on a queue to get this postcard for me, from 221 b Baker Street itself! This postcard is available no where else in the world (unless replicated) and is a limited edition that’s available  only at Holmes’ residence. I am a die hard Holmes fan and you can understand how happy it made me. In fact to add a little Holmes-ly thrill he signed it off as Holmes himself! Let me tell ya’ it got me! Such a sweet, loving uncle he is. It means a lot to me!

Have a great weekend folks!

Happy Independence Day America + A hawker’s basket find

Well, I’m not from the United States of America but what’s the harm in little cheer. Do we not talk about being global citizens? To top, I had to show this find which I am in love with. Perfect for my kitchen this is.

This handsome cost me only Rs. 30. Yes, that’s probably around 80 cents!!! I cant wait to re-do my kitchen and find a place for him. I hope all of you all had a lovely time, the one’s who are in the US!