How to cut a glass bottle at home tutorial

(Can you tell that this is going to be a part of my Fall decor?)

Remember, how in my last post I grieved the loss of a certain amber bottle? Thanks to R I found one exactly like that. Yippee! I simply love, love, love its old, rustic look and its unevenness with minor scratches! *LOVE*. Anyway, here’s the promised tutorial as to how to cut a glass at home without a glass cutter. Or, let’s proudly rephrase this, how to cut a glass with yarn. Yeah, baby, yarn. Ready? Here we go. The picture is below for your ref.

1. Clean a glass bottle thoroughly, 2. take a cloth strip, twine it like a rope, dunk it in nail polish remover or deodorant or alcohol or spirit. The rope that you’ve made should be soaked in the medium but never dripping. 3. Tie it around the bottle tightly, from where you want to break it. 4. With a lighter or candle, burn the rope completely. Swirl it a bit to evenly distribute the heat. 5. When it completely birns out, dunk it in a bucket full of water. It will break clean!!! Hurrah! Now comes the final step. Polish the edges with sand-paper and you’re good to go.

Tell me how you like it! And never give up!


DIY: Cut glass bottles and make vases

I dont know about you, but when I was looking for cutting a couple of glass bottles that I saved to turn them into votive or vase, I went bonkers. The glass cutter guys asked for a price that was honestly unjustifiable, I horribly failed in cutting them with a glass cutter and I wasted an amber colored wine bottle that happened to be my favorite. *sobs*

Any who, before going into how, I will tell you a short story. Do you know what the glass guys told me when I asked them if they could cut a couple of glass bottles for me? “Leave it and take it tonight- the cost would be 450 bucks for 3 bottles”. What? what? Did I hear that right? I then asked if they had a glass cutter? They start, “if you are buying for yourself, you wont be able to cut it. It takes a skilled hand to cut glass”. I ignored it, smiled and asked, “Would it be effective?”, they replied, “depends on who is cutting it. You cant come back and tell us that this did not work just because you couldn’t do it”. In my dreams I was killing him or was standing on a pedestal with millions of impeccably cut glass bottles while he was frowning from the crowd. Damned old man. I left with a glass cutter

I came home, tried to cut a couple of bottles with the glass cutter, failed horribly, got depressed, made a cup of coffee and thought of dropping the whole idea. But you know what happens when God loves you. While browsing through the internet, I stumbled upon Brittany’s blog…and there it was, right in the front page, a statement that completely altered my mood and mind. It said, “Just remember, if a human can do it, then there is a 95% chance that you can do it too!”. She is a cool blogger and a DIY queen.

My anger and the urge to do it desperately, fueled with those lines, burst out as a massive mass of will power and I cut 5 class bottles under 30 minutes. Punto. Best part is, i didn’t even use a glass cutter. I did it all with yarn and fire. Now, who’s the better glass cutter, eh!


I’ll post the tutorial in the next post!