How to cut a glass bottle at home tutorial

(Can you tell that this is going to be a part of my Fall decor?)

Remember, how in my last post I grieved the loss of a certain amber bottle? Thanks to R I found one exactly like that. Yippee! I simply love, love, love its old, rustic look and its unevenness with minor scratches! *LOVE*. Anyway, here’s the promised tutorial as to how to cut a glass at home without a glass cutter. Or, let’s proudly rephrase this, how to cut a glass with yarn. Yeah, baby, yarn. Ready? Here we go. The picture is below for your ref.

1. Clean a glass bottle thoroughly, 2. take a cloth strip, twine it like a rope, dunk it in nail polish remover or deodorant or alcohol or spirit. The rope that you’ve made should be soaked in the medium but never dripping. 3. Tie it around the bottle tightly, from where you want to break it. 4. With a lighter or candle, burn the rope completely. Swirl it a bit to evenly distribute the heat. 5. When it completely birns out, dunk it in a bucket full of water. It will break clean!!! Hurrah! Now comes the final step. Polish the edges with sand-paper and you’re good to go.

Tell me how you like it! And never give up!


A wall stand reveal

I’m so sorry I couldn’t take a picture of what it was before, but I’m sure I can show you some snaps that resemble the same.  It was awful. Someone just didn’t have the eye for beauty. Any who, I picked it up for 30 bucks, and sanded it till the color bled out. Then I gave it two coats of Asian Paints Pristine Green.

And let it dry for two days. With a thick grained sand paper, I stripped it down from its sides and chipped it. By the way, a small knife did a good job too in bringing out the feel

Now, here it is! Ready to be mounted. I’ll show where I mounted it and with what!

Have a good weekend!


DIY: Make Lampshades from Old Glass Bottles!

My brother in law presented me two cabinets which look perfect at either side of our living room couch. But as soon I placed them, I realized that there was a problem! They screamed for lamps, each of them and I was in no mood to spend 50$. 

A little R&D told me that I could recycle old glass bottles into lamp-shades and they look absolutely chic and stunning! Well, well, I thought why not!

I cleaned a glass bottle (obviously, as you can see, “Black Dog” whiskey), drilled a hole at its base (very, very tricky, keep a steady force of water while you are at it and wear safety gears), attached one piece of wire to a holder, took the other out through the base-hole and attached it to a plug-in. The crucial half ends here.

I have used a transparent wire, you can use any wire that goes with your glass bottle.

Next, I attached the holder on the neck by means of a strong glue that can be used in electrical purposes and fit the shade. That’s it! An old Whiskey bottle was radically recycled into a lampshade with cost under 8$.

The result: See for yourself!

Tip: While attaching scratch the holder from below by the help of a knife. Rough surfaces ensure better and strong hold when glued than smooth, polished ones.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend everyone!


Setting table for two with Jam jars & herbs from garden

It’s an extended weekend over here, the sun is finally out, I have parcels packed and ready to be shipped, I have no writing to do, I can simply laze around with R and R is coming up with all the greatest plans on earth. Yee-haw!! So, with very little to do, basking in an ‘ideal weekend’ situation, I thought of setting our tiny dining table in a lazy, holiday fashion.

Empty jars make great centerpieces. Fill them with flowers, herbs, pencils, they simply look stunning. Also, they not only give your space a very country cottage feel but also gives you a chance to recycle and re-use, of which i’m a big supporter. I cleaned one sauce and one jam jar, filled the jam jar with some white pebbles, topped both of them with water and set them with handful of mint from my garden. The effect is so tempting!

I’ve been growing mint, cilantro, curry leaves, rosemary and oregano on my window-sill and I’m very proud at the result. At this stage, I cannot help but mention Tammy. Her blog is very inspiring and it constantly inspires one to keep in touch with the greens and the goods. Personally, I feel, to grow one’s own produce is a great thing as it makes the same old meal so much more exciting! A simple salad turns joyous when the ingredients come from your own garden. I really appreciate what she is doing in her blog.

This time, when it’s a wee hotter, I’ll try growing some cherry tomatoes and fennels. The other day in Janice’s blog I saw fennel and it’s blessing Janice garden; She has one bountiful, beautiful garden where she grows plum, pears, figs, apples, olives and walnuts, and I remember telling her that amongst the 10 places to go before I die, her garden is gonna be one of them. If everything turns out well, this might happen sooner than I die.

Here’s me off for a cup of steaming hot latte. Have a great weekend everyone and let’s pray for a terror free, happy, ideal world. We need it.


What I’m falling for: Change of color and a new decor!

It’s so good to be back in here! After a terrible cold that’s still not 100% cured, a change is just what I wanted. A change from the blue, grey and white that dominated my decor into something more fresh, uplifting and rejuvenating. Something that will go with the oranges of fall and also be a base for Christmas. Something more floral, more cozy and yet not too dark! So here are the drools!

White, yellow and lime

The color of my wall is light yellow (just the same you see above) and I’m going mad with options!!! Funny thing is I never really liked yellow walls until I came upon an article called “Golden Glow” by Martha Stewart. Wow! It actually made me think otherwise. What a manipulative artsy little woman! So, keeping the color same, here I am to color cord. my room, of course, in a budget!

Yellow, white, red & green – Oh so French!

Yellow, blue & green with wood accents- Clean, Crisp but somehow too high contrast for my taste.

Yellow, black and white with natural accents- Dramatic and artsy



Good and Bad news

Let’s begin with the good.  How nice of the folks at Tonicmedia, I will be officially writing for decortrunk- a tonic media incubation and initiative, and will be featuring projects! Now, isn’t that wonderful? We have just started the site, its still in its alpha stage in testing but this will be the first joint endeavor of me with any professional house. I’m delighted.

And now the bad news.

I am down with flu- count headache, fever, nausea etc.

My laptop’s LCD is damaged and I’ll need to shell out 6000 INR + taxes for which I’ll need to travel immediately

I will not be blogging for some days (not that anyone would really miss me here. Im still small scale :P)

Till I return then!

The Mumbai Chor Bazaar

It’s dirty, the entrance is a complete put-off, you might have to stamp on dirt beyond imagination and wash your feet with packaged drinking water. You might have to bathe in a good sanitizer and get a pedicure too! But once you are in the alley, there is no looking back in anger; the garage-sale dirt is justified without a sliver of doubt!

And in spite of having all that you wouldn’t like to get your hands dirty on with, the Mumbai chor bazaar is a definitely a place you would love go back! Any time. Located near bhindi bazaar, this place is antique- paradiso! Things that make you regret; makes you brood on why didn’t you buy the other piece too.

See what I mean by you’ll keep going back!

From must-have porcelain and glass collectibles to antique furniture, gramophones and lampstands; from fancy Christmas bulbs with a ripped off look (time’s to blame), to antique buttons, wine bottles and well, cars! CARS? Yeah, cars!!! You heard it right. You really get it all.

We chose a wrong day, a wrong season and yet that didn’t stop us from getting a great bargain. I bought this bottle chiefly because I liked its oriental appeal. Hope you enjoy it.

Alley image source:

Happy Birthday Ma!

The relationship of a mother to her daughter is perhaps the most beautiful of all beautiful things in life; where each find their shadow on the other, every minute, in every detail and in every walk of life. It’s a relationship, undefinable and I have the best mother in the world. Sitting One thousand miles away from her on her birthday today, this is my small gift to her. Happy Birthday Ma.

All these years you’ve been so much more to me than just a mother; you’ve been the shade when the sun burnt me down. You’ve never taught me only the rights of life, but taught me how to differentiate the right from the wrong. You protected me but just enough not to make me feel over-protected. You have given me all the freedom i wanted in life and taught me how to not misuse it. You’ve been the force when i was down and told me that after darkness, light is inevitable. You told me to be strong.

You told me that cooking is not just a necessity but an art. That i may burn my hands while doing so, but at the end, what i learn will be a gift for the rest of my life. When i fell, you taught me how to get up; when i needed you, you were always there for me, right from the day i was born. You taught me how to wear my first ever saree. You taught me to be fearless. You told me that I will always be your youngest.

For all that you have been and for all that I have been, I want to say that there is no one else like whom I would rather want to be but you, as a woman. Thank You for being my ‘ma’.