DIY: A vintage Fairy Garden centerpiece

IMG_7593(1)Morning decor enthusiasts! Reporting live from India, this Monday morning- We have an easy vintage centerpiece idea on blog today that gets a lot of ooh’s and aah’s and so pretty’s from wanted and unwanted visitors 😉

But before that, how about I walk you through a typical Indian rainy day? Wanna come, take a walk with me?

Right ✔

It’s been pouring in here for one month straight and yes, I am loving it! Cool weather is a luxury here in this part of India and Maharashtra is beautiful in the rains! The hills that surround the city are the greenest of green, cool wind replaces sticky heat and hits you happily, square on the face as you board a tuktuk to go to work, the streets are a riot of colors with vivid rain-wear, the smell of freshly made strong ginger tea from the road side inns, the strong smell of fried potato fritters lingering through out the eat-street (like grass, these “thelas” or stalls ubiquitously pop up below every office campus), the grave Nimbus pregnant with more rain hanging on the hills like an impending doom, running home to the husband and snuggling up to him with hot chicken pie and Oldmonk Rum- rains bring in a fresh lease of life for those staying in this part of the subcontinent! We love rains. We celebrate rains.


And hence, the girl behind this blog thought of changing her living room decor for the season- lots of white and greens and pops of color was the aimed decor style all the while keeping the coastal theme alive. I think I did a good job!

The fairy garden is my living room- coffee table- centerpiece for the season and I tell you, its practically assembled without spending a dime! The vintage enamelware is a gift from my husband (he knows by now what I really go do-do for), the dolls are from my childhood- kept spec-less, clean and unscathed- thanks to mum and the succulent? Well, that I took off a highway inn, the manager was too kind and let me have a cutting while my husband was adamant on not letting me take it home. But who listens to the husband right? I got his friends to cover me while I slyly shoved that cutting inside an ill looking polythene and dumped it in the car! It’s succulent dude- It’ll survive. After two days of staying behind the car, it came home beaten and almost drying. Husband laughed- that cynical laugh which tells you “see, I told you it won’t make it”- and I carefully repotted it. Look at it now- let me have the pleasure please- HAHAHAHAHA.

There, I laughed it.

IMG_7584I repotted it in this vintage enamelware bowl, broke some dried eggshells and made the top bed (yes, they are magically good for your succulents) and very carefully positioned my dancing dolls. I like the one who peeps from behind the leaf! I always liked her!

I think I did an awesome job. But that has no value unless you come and tell me how you think it is looking!

Will you?

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13 Secrets To A Happy Rabbit

IMG_0562Afternoon people out there!

It’s been a while… I know.

As my post title suggests, we’ll be talking about a beach house bunny today- the secret to a happy rabbit.

Before I begin on how to take care of your pet rabbit or how to share your apartment with a bunny, which would be a better title for this, let me tell you what all we have juggled a lot. A lot means, a lot.

In Pursuit of that Perfect Pet

Since the time we’ve started staying together, we’ve been looking for pets. Dogs, cats, fishes, at adoption sites, rescue lists, pet shops, from a friend of a friend who eventually decided to not give his lab puppy away after we’ve travelled 50 kilometres to get him and were mentally prepared- it was never ending. We exchanged links over email keeping our most important assignments at bay, we liked several rescue pages over Facebook to see if that dream puppy was somewhere along- nothing. When does one call enough, enough?

Tired and beaten and badly wanting, Ro decided we’ll keep fishes. So there we were in the pet shop, several hours later waiting to pick up Ro’s favorite fighter fish and guess what happened? From a whole room full of potential pets, I impulsively picked up a baby bunny. I could never let it go!

I’ve heard that they stay best in pairs so we took 2. One grey and one white.

Unfortunately, the Grey one died after a week.


On close heels of his death, we got 3 rabbits to keep the one who survived from the first lot company but all of them died, one after the other, leaving him alone as ever.


We read it up online and found no source to explain the sudden deaths. I also read somewhere that they die sudden.What a major heartbreak man!

We decided to never get another rabbit again and keep him single with us.
We thought he’d die in a week as we’ve heard they are social animals. Pardon us for being cruel- when you see too many deaths, you tend to get annoyingly practical.

Myth Bust

Its over a month and a half now- fluffy is doing great and he is very happy. He is that little creature who trots on your feet as you make yourself a cup of coffee and needlessly give you all the love he has. He might nibble on your favorite slippers and sometime your fat toe too but its all too sweet to even pay attention to the damage. They are your everyday mental damage control device.

So how did he survive? How did that happen?

This is where I’ll give  you the secrets to a happy rabbit and bust some myth’s arse.

From what I have learnt-

1. Not all bunnies survive. Take this hard fact from me. Bred in captivity and in enormous numbers, its evident that only some will have survival-of-the-fittest genes. Count 1 out of 20. So, if your baby bunny die, don’t blame yourself for the rest of your life. They might be from a bad stock.

2. Your bunny will always be happy if you interact with it. Call it names, go near it, play with it, snuggle it a bit. They are social animals remember? Not rabittically speaking but for real. They love company.

3. Never, ever give your baby bunny a bath. It kills them. Sponge them with lukewarm water atleast until they are a month old, if you feel he’s gotten dirty. They generally clean themselves.

4. Hay is the happy secret. Make it mandatory to give him hay. Make it available to him all times of the day. Your rabbit can eat cabbage, fresh coriander, tomatoes, beetroot, spinach (fluffy hates it. He just ignores it) along with hay. You can feed them veggies twice or in little amounts throughout the day. One very important thing to note: Please make sure you are feeding your bunny at the same spot- ideally his basket. This will also train him to expect food only in his corner. For added benefits, read point 7!

5. There is no need to buy expensive cages and bedding and running wheels or whatever you buy. Get a big enough basket, line it with newspaper, get cheap straw and make his bed. On one side, keep his hay. Get a bigger basket to keep him caged when you want to.

6. The best exercise your bunny can get is to run around the house. Let him. Its fun.

7. You cannot potty train anyone. However, you can notice where it generally pees. Rabbits are good. They poop and pee while they eat and all one really needs to do is give him his food in his home and cage him. Do it for 5 days and it will automatically poop there. MOSTLY. Don’t be surprised if you find round pellet like poop in corners. Just broom it out and throw them in the dustbin. If they pee everywhere but their cage, clean it with dettol. They hate dettol and never pees there 😛 My bunny however has chosen one rug and his home as his loo. Your bunny will choose 2-3 areas for himself. Note these areas and provide cheap rugs. MYTH: Rabbits pee stinks. Ball-talk. It doesn’t. You can just wash the rug once in 3 months.

8. Keep straw in his bed and not fancy self-absorbing stuff because it absorbs pee like magic, its cheap and it dries really fast, keeping his home dry.

9. They tend to eat their poop sometimes. Allow him. Its full of fiber.

10. Limit sweet treats to once in 15 days. Pet him and give it to him. He will lick your hands with tiny tongue that feels like heaven.

11. When you want to punish him, cage him and scold him. It really works.

12. A single rabbit can be your pet. That social thing is bullshit.

13. If you have free wires running around the house, just switch the connecting plugs off. They actually dont bite wires. They like hairbands though 😛

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Rum Cake with Fudge filling and Rum Glaze

I have been doing a lot of baking lately- this ine shouldn’t even become a post, I am sure you guys are pretty bored of my cakes now! I am not going to put a recipe or anything here, just a couple of photographs- again from the 50mm.

It’s Rohan’s mom’s birthday today and she specifically asked for a Rum cake. I had to oblidge~ Can you believe I’ll have to wait till midnight today to get a taste of it? Blech and Double Blech :-/

Anyway, if anyone’s interested in the recipe- write to me and I shall post it. This is simple stuff- you all know how to do it. I dont want to uselessly cram the internet with things that are there already.

Toodles~That’ll be all from Trumatter~A great post with an abrupt end.

By the way, did anyone see the link called 26 instagram photos the world can live without? It’s hilarious. i-phone ladies with a pout to share must be so busted. Check it out here: Very sheldon cooper!

A morning in 50mm…

My very generous, very lovable would be husband thought of ever so kindly giving away his DSLR to this little girl in the sunny apartment and I think it was the best decision he’s ever made. I am absolutely loving what I am getting from it. I am excited and I want to scream my heart out.

I was taking photographs with the Canon SX130 by far, and it is a brilliant camera for its price. But comeon, you can’t beat the DSLR can you when you are looking for details in your food photography? Who knew this inedible beetroot could look so good. I think I’ll make a beetroot and rocket salad just for the heck of it.

Pardon my feet, will you? They just wander about anywhere.

I tried the 18-mm yesterday and I thought it was cool. I had to try the 50mm to seriously understand what’s cool. Pardon my lingo, that’s how we talk in India. We’re cool.

I have a girl to do the chores for me. She found this really funny when I asked her to stand still with a small dahlia in her hand. I should have captured her face! She also asked me if I wanted some more coffee.. She thought I’ve gone nuts.

I have. This lens is a must buy and what a great time to come- a friend of mine and me are coming up with a dedicated food & food photography blog. *Excited*

What lens do you use? Tips and tricks? Fill me in.

Vintage Enamelware, Roses, Crochet

We have vintage enamelware in here and can I just scream with joy? Those of you who know me well know how desperately I wanted enamelware. I was swooning almost everyday on chic French Vintage enamelware and desperately ransacking portals for good deals. In fact I almost got my suitcase ready to go to Maureen’s who generously offered me a trunkful if only I could make it. Oh and of course I was going to cross her fence and go to Wendy’s- she was to pick up enamelware for me. Such a dream trip it would have been. But looks like Rohan Kadam saved me a good chunk of money!

 The man in my life gifted me 1 fruit bowl, 1 finger bowl and 1 pitcher- all made of the material of my dreams. My rose plants thought it would be great to break into a bloom to celebrate this mid-week happiness. Searching around the world, I found these 2 blocks away from my home. And of course, I let him pay. He was a bit skeptical (Come on, its chippy, old enamelware- tin stuff man, who wants that) but eventually succumbed. He doesn’t say more if I really like something- mainly because I do get a lot of “Wow’s” with what I do with them later- I’m a visionary you see (coughs)

I have two varieties- orange and crimson! How sweet of them to bloom now, now that I needed them for my photographs! the crochet obviously is vintage and it’s an heirloom- passed on to me. It was my grandmother’s.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of grandeur and things I love. Girly things.

What are your favorite girly things?


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