Bedroom Reveal and Pretty Flowers

Ah welcome to another whitewashed post: A bedroom reveal, crisp white bed-spreads, no laundry and some pretty flowers that just about makes this girl’s day.

I spoke a lot on my earlier post as to how to live stylish on a rented apartment and I wont bore you with any of those details, no more. There is just one bit though I’d really love to share with you all. I love my dressing table different. I love them simple, minimal, white with a touch of nautical and I love too many mirrors. I think one can never overdo with mirrors. The more the better. The vintage the better. So, when my husband asked me why there were two mirrors above the dresser- my answer was simple: you won’t get it ;)

IMG_1220I also love a fresh flower or two in my house, almost all the time. Nothing beats a bunch of fresh fluffy snow white flowers, specially in a household where broomstick days are quite normal. I am witch working with 6 hands from 7 in the morning till I get to work where I need to take out another 2 hands that stays in reserve. yes, white flowers. Definitely a must have.

IMG_1183Tried a bit of color with my cosmetic heebeejeebees. Didn’t like it. Went back to picture one :D

IMG_1224Also, here’s another look at my hall.

IMG_1206250 words it will be for this post and no more till I come to my kitchen, the worries and a bit of organization talk.

Till then, adieu.

roy XO

The little white living room, Tips on moving & Staying Stylish on Rent

1376600_731458420239618_2683511402014212843_nJust wanted to say hi and show you the full living room reveal from the angle I gave you the before picture. Added to that, of course, are some tips and tricks as to how to move effectively if you are staying on rent and how to declutter your home for that perfectly coordinated look. Up for it? To be honest, I don’t like moving homes. I don’t like packing and unpacking and repacking and all that work related jazz and shelling out thousands on movers and packers: that’s just so annoying. While I cannot do anything till we can afford to buy that dream house, I have found ways to simplify the process.

Part 1 is weeding out to stay stylish. Part 2 is packing tips to move like a pro.

part 1: Say No to #Toomany and #Toomuch & Stick to a color palette. Why? Because-

No.1, as Rachel Ashcroft tells us- and i am sure we kind of take her words very seriously- Less is more. Decorating many homes, I vouch for less and minimal. I like less.

No.2, if you wore stripe, check, polka and an Ikkat print- all at the same time, how would you look? Your home is like you too. It needs a flavor, a type, a niche. It reflects you. We don’t need too many things to make it look beautiful. You just need things that speak for your love and taste. Keep that. Weed the rest out. I love things vintage and white and that’s exactly what I keep or even buy.

No.3, as a dear friends status message would say: Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

No.4, Though not necessarily connected to this- buy things thinking of your home decor. We are human beings. We get influenced and buy things out of impulse from time to time. One of the best ways to avoid such buys is to think of your home decor before buying it. In most cases, you’ll end up not buying. But ofcourse, some accent pieces must come home if they must. If your heart’s too much in it, buy it. Happiness is worth anything ;)

10154981_731458436906283_8763210091701585079_n This is how my living room looks.

Weeding Out Things: The Biggest Challenge

Now, I know that throwing things that you have collected over years, from around the world, is not easy. The biggest challenge is perhaps the emotional connect that we find with certain things that restricts us from giving them away. God knows I am attached to each piece in my house but at one point, you must get over it and de-clutter. I look for one of those days when I care a little less about emotional things to weed out. I feel a lil weird after that but i know with someone else it’ll find use and I’d like that than the piece of China just sitting and rotting in my cupboard.   I don’t know how you will do it but I do it this way

a) evaluate who gave and what he/she means to you

b) evaluate the circumstance under which the present was given to you. If it means a lot to you, keep it, and keep it on display. Work your theme around it. For me luckily, people just gave me beachy pieces which kind of goes with rest of the house. But a lot of old brass is now gone.

The little challenge: What if one day I want to use it? What if I never find something?

Okay. Now when did you buy it? Second question: When was the last time you used it?

If its not in the past 6 months then chances are you’ll never use it again. Give it away. Keep enough and 6 more for the road. The rest is not required.

Believe me you, I have benefited hugely from weeding out specially when i am about to move.



Part 2: How To Pack and Move Effectively Without Hassle

This is my 5th house in 7 years and I think you should take it from me when I tell you that whatever you read below will simplify your life manifold. here are the 3 rules to move homes without hassle.

Rule 1.

Take a week. Don’t Keep everything for last minute

Rule 2.

Pack rooms not things. One major mistake that i used to make it pack all likely items together. Now that can mean all glass items, all toiletries, all utensils etc. What I found much easier was to pack things room wise so when you unpack you know exactly where what would go.

Rule 3.

Finish it all off in one day or max two. The longer you wait to settle down, the longer you’ll take. Just breathe in, get everything done and sit down and relax.

We packed, unpacked and settled down in exactly 13 hours- we started at 8:00 and by 9:00 in the evening, we were sipping wine talking politics and enjoying the city line.

next time you move, take a look at this. Remember this girl who took a lot of pain to analyse and jot things down so your life can be a little less miserable :)



DIY Girl’s Beachy Living Room Reveal


Look who’s back with a living room reveal and how she’s totally loving it. Two days short of a week and I’m already settled in. Like I said, what doesn’t kill you makes you a pro. We moved in at morning 9 on Saturday and by 10 at night we were having cold beer at our balcony, looking out from our beautiful apartment which overlooks the equally beautiful city line. The very first day and I was on cloud 9 looking out at the view. 9th floor is always a good idea if you cannot afford a beach house. Here’s our little beachy dining nook.

IMG_1180I’m using a lot of old whites {as usual} and pops of color for spring-summer. I’m loving a bit of azure, sky, orange, pink and green in my beach house dreams too. I’ve also started using my wine bottles as water-bottles. I hate plastic bottles to the core and my husband needs a bottle of water wherever he is. Middle-ground can look pretty too ;)

IMG_1171The room still needs a rug, a bit of flower love and those red slippers need to go to the shoe rack and the coat brush too but you ain’t no stranger are you? You’d be okay with this. Oh and we also bought a 42″ TV recently and I tell you its so much fun watching stuff on big screen. Can’t wait to finish ‘Her’.

IMG_1175Vintage glass bottle love and lot of old bottles will dot this space. If you are into oldies, you’ll love to have a cuppa tea at mine. Really, see where I drink my morning cuppa…Actually I have two favorite spots. One is here, in the balcony

93200324b7ba11e3b6f60e6c1f1df275_8This photo is from my phone and very early in the morning. Please excuse the grains.

The other is here on my bed from where I can see the city heights too

fba5e7d2b88311e396de12f6f983e317_8Join me?

I’ll see you around with a new reveal sometime this week or next. Till then, tell me how ya like it.

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New Home SneakPeek: A chance to decorate from scratch

20140323_111005View from the Bedroom Balcony Yes. I’m 2 level short to being a Bedouin and I don’t mind it by least. Not anymore. Call it finding happiness in everything or just ‘getting used to it’: I now enjoy moving homes because- a> New home, new place, sort of exciting b> New decorating possibilities and lots to blog Here’s what I’ll be playing with 20140323_110757The hall. Straight ahead is the bedroom and the aisle has 2 French windows. Hmm… sort of exciting…hanging flower baskets then? Something like this? Hanging-Planters What do you say. Its on the 9th floor of a handsome multistory and I’m wondering if I should use sheers. It’s airy and I don’t think anyone would care to peep 9 story high ;) 20140323_110732 20140323_110742The kitchen. Two platforms are good. Very good. Wondering which side to keep the “masala” and which one to use for crockery. Thoughts?   That’s about it for today from a very, very tired girl :) Ideas welcome and will be incorporated.   Toodles XO

Photos From The Roadtrip: Day 3 Achara, Malvan, Maharashtra


If you thought Goa was beautiful, you should trot the Malvan coast. Unexploited, non-commercialized, untouched and virgin beaches lace Malvan making it one of the best coastlines in India.

96.3 kilometres from Arambol, Goa lies Achara beach in Malvan- a place not many have heard of. We took the Bombay Goa Highway to Sawantwadi. From sawantwadi we went to Kudal and from Kudal to Achara. It’s one of those roads that make you feel like you are lost but you are not. If you take the straight road to Achara, you will end up on the beach for that is where the road ends. Right on you’d find Dhanlakshmi Resort {Or hotel or inn- I do not remember what it was} where you can stay with rooms for as low as 700 INR. They’d serve meals too- 150 INR for fish thali {platter which consists of rice, roti, fried fish and fish in gravy} and 120 INR for vegetarian thali. Verdict: Totally worth it.

52247990From Achara, head to Tondavli beach. We were so hungry, we could only reach this far. Oh and also, the road to Tondavli from Achara is drop-dead gorgeous. Stopped for a smoke here, in the middle of absolutely nowhere.


Reminds me of the wild, wild west.

20140317_180557The beautiful Achara beach and a sunset to remember

Day 3, we spent in Achara and headed to Malvan the next day. That part of the story, tomorrow ;)

Love from the coast


Photos From The Roadtrip: Day 1Goa

IMG_1074Finally. Welcome back to this wee little place called Trumatter. It’s been a while I posted here and I am not remotely guilty about it. While ze wee blog cried under the weight of nothing, I was there out in the sun, having some fun, getting well, leave that, eating some wonderful food and chilling at quaint places like these. Oh what a trip this was. What a trip. It was insane. I am still under the post-trip depression but these cheer me up. Till I do this again, I think Im gonna talk a lot about it here in this space.

So, tell me, would you be interested then in some details of our brave road trip in this hot summer sun? A trip where 4 guys gets ruled by 1 girl and gives her the best seat? Read on then…


Before I get into explaining the nitty-nobs of the trip, let me introduce you to my fella travelers- the coolest bunch of friends I have. If you know them closely, you’d know why this was a trip to remember.

IMG_1070 IMG_1073 IMG_1123IMG_1071

From top:

Gopal Dadhich: Will brave mammoth, genetically modified, malvani masala clad mosquitoes but never use odomos. He is nature’s own son and has a daughter who is by far the sweetest kid I have ever seen in my life. No kidding. A dad, a CA and a hippie at heart, ‘lala’ as we fondly call him is a gentleman.

Siddhesh John: Roughing out is just not his scene. You wouldn’t want to be in his bad books. Will have desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ankur Chugh: The adventurer spirit in him thrives in one corner of his being, pulsating, throbbing, dying to be unleashed till he gets out out of the city limits. Whether its his car stuck in fathoms of sand {with us clearing wheels while my poor husband tries to get it out} or falling down in mucky roads of himachal-  as long as he can laze, its all okay bitches. Tell you, this boy has a heart of gold. He is our own Mother Teresa.

Rohan Kadam: The best boy who drives us all around- may it be the cars or us, and one our parents trust when something important needs to be done. Mine does clearly :P Among his favorite things to do is “Create panic”. You don’t question him often. You just do what he says. Never wake him when he is asleep. Never interrupt when he is eating mandeli fry. Rest is cool with him. The wee boy whom I love so.

Yup, ze miserables I call friends and with all of us in one really nice car we headed here…

IMG_1084 …to the sands and seas of Goa. We started at 4 in the morning from Mumbai towards Goa through Kolhapur Highway & reached Goa by 2 with 2 breaks in between. That’s not too bad at all. We reached 2 days prior to Holi and stayed at arambol- in North Goa. I think Ive spoken about it here. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can get rooms in here for as low as 400 bucks a day and eat at shacks which serve some real good food. My favorite shack in Arambol would be Arambubble. They make good “white russians”, pulled beef chilly and spinach and cottage cheese dumplings.


Colors in Goa, Arambol. Sit by the beach, grab a pint and there’s nothing else you wanna do.

IMG_1089The good old sunny side up and bacon by the beach. Ah! good days I tell you.

IMG_1093Damn these guys. I’m gonna go take a dip in the water.

IMG_1095This girl with this hair stole my heart.

IMG_1096The man who stole my heart goes to conquer the sea.

IMG_1102On Holi day, no not Holiday- HOLI day, we leave from Goa to Achara, Malvan- a place little known and you’ll see why. Yup, that’s our car smeared with colors and getting mobbed on the main road by crazy people. Had it not been for the benevolence of two gentlemen, we would have had it.

To be continued…



Trumatter Goes Roadtrippin’

Om_BeachWe are goin’ road trippin’ along the west-coast of Maharashtra & Goa {one of the longest and one of the best coastline in India} and I’ll be broadcasting live on trumatter’s Facebook Page and Trumatter’s Instagram. Follow me on instagram to get exclusive photos right from the road, the lifestyle of fishermen, local food, a whole lot of sea, food options if you cannot eat nonvegetarian food, miscellanious {where I stay, what I do, what I eat, what rates- everything} and like trumatter on FB to get real time updates.

9I’ll also be facing my fear of water and go snorkeling and dolphin watching, if I don’t chicken at the last mo. Stay with me. It’ll be worth it.


DIY Paper Hydrangeas

Aimee from Twigg Studios made a bunch of beautiful paper hydrangeas in blue- a craft I just couldn’t resist!

I love Hydrangeas. Back in the dreamy hill days, hydrangeas frequented our little beach themed cottage in brass flower pots or bright cups if it were to be put in the porch. We grew with them and also grew them from cuttings, and they were everywhere! In shades of pink, lime green and pale pink. You know…happy days!

In Bombay, I’d sell my soul to you if you can make them survive. From dipping cuttings in rooting hormones to trying to make it grow roots in water- I’ve tried and miserably failed. Apart from short lived blooms (which came with the cuttings) I’ve had nothing. Them blasted hydrangeas…

This was a great way to have them- Forever!

Aimee in her blog has done it in a slightly different way- you can see it all here.

I (the lazy bum central) chose an easy way out and it worked just fine. Here’s how:


Parchment paper


Wooden Skewers

Fake leaves

Water colors if you want a colored one


Cut strips of parchment paper- about 3″ wide and 30 cm long

Fold them in squares (Follow the collage above)

Once if you have fold them in squares, draw flowers- 4 petal or 5 petal, up to you. Draw the flowers on the center and cut them out- remember, we want individual flowers, not connected to each other. So keep some margin.

Once you have lots and lots of flowers, string two in each skewer.

Pierce the centers of each with the sharp end and pull them towards the base end. That way you’ll have a concave structure too.

Repeat the entire process until you have a bunch you absolutely adore!


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Spring Decorating Vintage Egg Basket Win

IMG_1009Well, what’s up! How have you been holding up in your nest? We have a Vintage Egg Basket DIY and I have a feeling you’ll love it! With the husband off for a week to Chennai with the ILs and me here in Mumbai: I’m holding up like a bored spinster, foofing things and furniture and eating out of the packet. I have given myself a week off cooking and I’d eat anything that requires me to not cook. Apples and Bananas have come home with me. Bread and chutneys too along with oranges and grapes. Oh, and of course- Wine- the nectar of Gods. I’ll be drinking and singing and eat desserts for dinner and do a lot of unnecessary whitewashing and live a wannabe artists dirty home life until the husband and my perfect married life returns ;) Oh, how I miss him. He completes me. When he is serious, he is borderline adorable.

Anyway, not to deviate from our interesting DIY Vintage Egg Basket- yeah, count something that has been made from a Rat trap {New of course and no rat has ever laid its tiny feet in here}- if you are doing nothing and have a knack for vintage egg baskets or all things vintage, come on in. We are about to begin!

IMG_1016Not so long ago I was looking for vintage egg baskets online and I had to be very disappointed at the rates. ₹1200 for an old egg basket? I mean I’ll pay 1200 bucks for something I really think its worth…I’m not really very ‘Indian’ when buyer behavior is concerned. But for a rusted egg basket- no way. Not if it doesn’t come from Akbar’s kitchen. So what do you do when obnoxious rates put you off? You Do It Yourself. And there begins disappointment no.2.


Powai, Vashi, KK, Andheri, APMC, Janta Market {People’s market} and online combined couldn’t give me an egg basket in a reasonable rate. After having walked my soles off, I bought a Rat Trap and came home. The first reaction: “Umm Roy, we have no rats”. Me: “It’s alright. I have plans.”


After all, there is nothing that your head, a pair of gloves and white paint can’t do. After so many years of selling ideas, its time I executed them as well.


Here’s how I turned a mouse trap into a vintage egg basket.

1. With a plier take out springs or anything that’s inside the cage. It’s fixed pretty DIY too so there is not much hassle

2. 2 coats of paint and 2 days drying time. You can use spray paint or a brush like me.

3. Take a small aluminium rectangle {available at all hardware} about 4″ by 2″ {length and breadth respectively} and give it a coat of paint. You’ll be painting on this. I’ll be calling it “Tag” hereon.

4. Once your Tag is dry, paint over it. I also distressed it with a rough cloth for an old look. If you are no good at painting- here are my ideas on what you can do- a) Modgepodge b) Vinyl Stickers c) Glitter d) Cut letters in newspaper and then modgepodge e) Buy an enamel tag

5. Punch a hole in your aluminium tag and secure your tag to the egg basket with wire. I simply created a hook and hung it, then tightened it with a plier.

6. And now, you are ready!


Breadbasket & Cushion from who by no means sponsored this to me; the too good blogadda guys however sent winners vouchers of the same to redeem. We had a choice of buying anything and this is what I chose. I’ll give you a quick look of my spring home (you can read more in the home space) and say goodbye for now! Okay?


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Recipe For Baklava In A Cup From A Lazy Girl

IMG_0980Welcome to Trumatter. Now that all the hoping and hype and ‘Oh-My-God-I-cant-concentrate-what-if-I-Lose’ is over, we can get back to some real deal in here. This time, its a super easy Baklava Recipe that you can make in a cup: A recipe specially created for all the lazy souls out there who would love a cup of Baklava, as fast as possible with minimum efforts.   Sounds good to you? Read along then…IMG_0986For those who are not aware of what a Baklava {also pronounced as Baaklava and Bakleva} is: it’s one of the best desserts that the Mediterranean has ever produced. I think it originated in Turnkey, considering it gets its name from the Otoman Empire, but who cares as long as you can dig in! Another beautiful thing about Baklava is it comes in many shapes and filling which gives you the courage to play around a bit with it. But no matter what filling you use, the seasoning is just the same: 1tsp CNC {cinnamon, nutmeg, clove}


Not so long ago, I had a deal with a super-sweet girl at work: she wanted to pay me for a pendant that I had made for her and I wanted no money. So we negotiated on she bringing me ‘something nice’ (Read: phyllo pastry because that’s not readily available where I stay). Then months passed and I totally forgot about the deal. Who knew the other didn’t! Much to my surprise last week, this bubbly thing walks in the office and hands me a bag of phyllo pastry: apparently, she went to shop for her brother’s wedding and chanced upon a shop that keeps these. Such a sweet girl. Her name is Shreni Sapani and the baklava is dedicated to her.


Now, I know a Baklava uses rich dry fruits and no saffron but I have always been the one to twist tales. Last Sunday, I came home with a goodie bag from the awards function and it had a box of finest saffron. I knew it had to go somewhere special {I initially thought of making chicken with saffron} and there could have been no better way! It tasted so good that I had Baklava 3 days in a row- making fresh batches each time- and loved it everytime.

Here’s the Recipe for Baklava in a cup

You’ll need phyllo sheets, cut in squares about 14-16

Melted, unsalted butter- about 3 tbsp

Dry fruit crush {Almonds, peanuts, pistachhio}: 2 tbsp {you can crush and keep and it’ll stay for months}

Caster sugar/confectioners sugar: 2 tbsp

Plain sugar: 1/2 cup

Saffron: A pinch of + a pinch for garnishing

1tsp CNC {Cinnamon/Nutmeg/Clove}

How to make Baklava in a Cup

Step 1

a) You’ll start by buttering the cup and dividing the phyllo sheets in 2 equal halves. If you have taken 16, 8 for base, 8 for covering.

b) Next, mix the dry fruit crush, CNC and caster sugar and keep aside

c) In a sauce pan, add 1/2 cup plain sugar and 1/2 cup water with a pinch of saffron. Keep it to boil while you prep your phyllo base.

d) To make the base, stack sheets of phyllo in the cup by brushing each one with melted butter.  You can simply place one on top of the other or go around the cup for a round shaped Baklava. Upto you really! Use all 8 sheets. Brush the top with melted butter.

e) Pour in the dry fruit mixture, a pinch of saffron and stack the other half of phyllo, exactly how you’ve for the base.

f) Brush top with milk {or egg wash}.

g) Preheat at 300 and bake at 180 for about 15 or until the top is beautifully golden.

Step 2

While your baklava is baking, check on your sugar syrup. It should not be too thick, not too runny either. To know if it’s of the right consistency, do the thread test. Put a drop of the sugar syrup on a cold surface and see whether its sticky but doesn’t form a thread between your finger and the surface. Or touch the syrup with a clean forefinger and then touch your thumb and forefinger together and pull apart gently.

Put on your mittens, take the cup out and pour the saffron laden sugar syrup on it. Let it rest for 30 minutes before you serve. Or, in this case: EAT.

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