DIY: Burlap Flower Pots

It all started with some old burlap sacks and two tin pots that were lying around. And it took me quite some time to figure, what am I exactly going to do with it.


So, measured the tin-pots which was 30 by 15 and cut out a 34 / 17 cm strip off the burlap sack where the design was embossed; with a 4cm margin on top and 2 cm margin at the bottom.  I folded the top in 2 x 2 cm folds (outward) to give it a grain-bag look and the bottom into a 1 x 2 cm fold (inward).

These are the next three steps I followed.

Step 1: I secured the burlap folds with hot glue.

Step 2. Reversing the fabric, I stitched and secured the two ends.

Step 3: I slipped in the pot in it.

Have a closer look.

Have a great week ahead!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Burlap Flower Pots

  1. Thank you…I am also in the process of utilizing this particular fabric in one or maybe two other way. What an interesting fabric and how come I never thought of it 🙂 I am thinking of starting an etsy shop. You think it is a good idea?


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