Honey Jar Flower Vase DIY, And Other Broomstick things

Jam jar 2

Welcome! How long has it been now?

Seriously! I missed catching up with you all so much: It felt like I have not spoken to you all for a zillion years. Meanwhile, I’ve tried to write many times in between but just couldn’t get myself to do it. When your head’s spinning with 1 gazillion different things, mostly work, and you are trying to cope up if not excel, you cannot write. Writing is personal and one needs to pour their heart into it. When the head is buzzing, the heart stops. And I can only write something if I am completely at peace and content with myself. I cannot blog for the sake of blogging, to maintain ‘Hygiene’ {yes, this is what the word ‘ethics’ or ‘necessary’ has boiled down to}, or keep the traffic flowing. I hope you can fairly guess why I have been MIA for a while. Thanks to a little beach-house-fairy who waved her magic wand and made me hopeful and dreamy eyed again.

jam Jar 1

Yes, a lot has happened to the girl behind this blog and trust me it’s not something I should be telling you all. No point making you all sad for what made me super sad, yeah? But thank God, its over. I think I almost lost it at one point and forgot all my manners too, but the boy saved me. He is a man of few but valuable words. After many days of constant turmoil, here I am at peace with myself and blogging about a DIY Honey Jar turned into a vase. What a peace to be out of the rut. Yes, I might not make enough money as I used to a couple of months back but you know what? When before 7 years the entire production business got to me, I left it and its fat paycheck and joined a content firm with just half the salary. Then I was living alone, I had no savings, I had no husband and no home. If I could make it then, I’ll make it now and anywhere. I refuse to sell my soul for money and I will never do that.

Good days are hopefully back. Bye bye constant, nagging, sour umbilical whiplash. Hello refreshing whitewash.

Jam Jar 3

So I came home, washed away the stains of yesterday and washed a honey jar clean.

Spray painted it with white paint (you can use Krylon, Mosby or any brand. You can also use Asian Paints white and use a brush instead. It’s all cool)

Let it dry over night and did a little modge-podge

Printed this rose design out and cut it as close to edges as possible

Brushed the print side with a generous amount of modge-podge and stuck it face side down.

Rest it overnight.

Next, smear it with some water (just smear, don’t make it swim in it) and slowly, with the help of your finger tips, and with a very light hand, rub off the extra paper pulp. You want to be left with a very thin layer of paper with the design in it for it to look like its painted.

Once you have achieved the desired thickness, wipe it dry and brush another layer of modge-podge on top to seal.

Rest for about 2-3 hours and you are good to go!

Easy peasy right?

P.S: If you are too lazy to make, this is up for sale on ebay.

This is me signing off. Be crafty, not cranky.

Rukmini XO

How To Make A Shabby Chic Wicker Basket Planter

Basket Planter 1Goodmorning and a good day. How have you been holding up? If you are into gardening and live in a small apartment- which means if you are interested in shabby chic apartment gardening- there is a how-to-make-a-basket-planter in the house: It’s all old wicker baskets and some beach white love and some roses planted for winter. There is also some plant fertilizer dope, do’s and don’ts. Interested?

basket planter 3I got these wicker baskets for a throwaway price in one of the flea-markets, here in Mumbai and since then it has been on my list to turn them into a planter. Its not always that I buy something with such clear goal for the buy. Believe me, I don’t. I buy impulsively and turn one thing into another and re-turn it into something else if I don’t like the result. But this: I knew it from day 1 that they becoming planters. Worst part is for the longest time I did not have a home to myself or even a balcony! There were roomies and dirt and squafle over a pot of milk and which half of the fridge is it supposed to be in because the other half belongs to someone else: Oh My God! Those were the doom days.

So I let it sit in my storage/balcony forever (count 4 years) until today when I could actually get around to turn them into planters, and when i actually HAVE a home to myself and a balcony too. No good people, no good I tell you is your life without a balcony.

basket planter 2


Anyway! Moving on, making a basket planter for you home is as easy as a pie. Well, the procedure is similar too! It requires you to do just 3 things:

1. Take a large polythene that sits in the basket and also have an inch or two to spare at the sides.



2. Poke holes in the polythene and add some soil to make it sit before you transfer your plants in



3. Transfer your plants in and pack soil. Before you pack in soil, mix a tablespoon of a good neem-based compost fertilizer to the soil. This will promote good health of the roots and stem.



You would also want a water soluble NPK fertilizer to spray every 1 day/week. For blooming season: 1 tbsp to 1 liter water. N-P-K stands for Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium. These 3 elements are responsible for better growth of the plant. I am pasting an excerpt from a website I closely follow:

Nitrogen helps plants make the proteins they need to produce new tissues. In nature, nitrogen is often in short supply so plants have evolved to take up as much nitrogen as possible, even if it means not taking up other necessary elements. If too much nitrogen is available, the plant may grow abundant foliage but not produce fruit or flowers. Growth may actually be stunted because the plant isn’t absorbing enough of the other elements it needs.

Phosphorous stimulates root growth, helps the plant set buds and flowers, improves vitality and increases seed size. It does this by helping transfer energy from one part of the plant to another. To absorb phosphorous, most plants require a soil pH of 6.5 to 6.8. Organic matter and the activity of soil organisms also increase the availability of phosphorus.

Potassium improves overall vigor of the plant. It helps the plants make carbohydrates and provides disease resistance. It also helps regulate metabolic activities.”

basket planter 5


Once your plants are fed and happy, they will produce beautiful blooms in your apartment garden: All you need to do then is sit back and relax and have a cup of tea.

Easy right?

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Before And After, Turn old crates to chic book carts

DIY Book Cart 1Goodmorning Sunshine and honey and sugarstars and beachcombers. Very excited I am this morning to share this DIY Book Cart or Book Trolley as I would like to call it, and its made from an unwanted, weeping, curb side fruit-crate which once brought goodness and mangoes to someone I don’t know. That man just loved them mangoes and had no love for this wee old crate and he threw her away on the sidewalk: She had some snails comforting her when I found her. Poor girl! She is now the little star of my favorite spot by the window and the apple of my eye. It’s got me the rustic, industrial chic love that I have always been in love with. A  cup of tea, poor-turned-beauty (lets call her Cinderella) and me: The universe is right there. And oh, the whole thing costed me about $8!!!

DIY Boook Cart 4


It’s been a while I did a decor post you know! I’ll blurt it out: My cam poofed. It just blew one day and never got back  to life until last Friday. You can’t do much with a borrowed cam now, can you? So last week with its delivery I got home my hardware supplies too 😉 Guess you’ll be seeing me and my crafty side a lot henceforth, like before. I have a couple of projects lines- one which concerns a wall, one which concerns the guest bathroom and ofcourse a bit of curtain love too- which I am gonna tackle one at a time and I’d love for you to be with me and tell me if the moolahs are worth spending on what I decide. For now, here’s a peak at the crate, how I found it!



Ugly nails and stray splinters. This is your hand’s worst nightmare. I’ve had uggs scratches and a bandaid wrapping marathon with this one. But it finally succumbed to the decor rehab and turned into one beautiful little crate. Sand it a bit (or leave a bit of splinter where it would not hurt you to keep its rustic charm intact) and spray paint it.

I love my brush and paint, really, but because the air is full of moisture here (yes, the monsoons are still on) I decided to go with a spray paint. It takes a lot less time to dry and works evenly too on uneven surfaces like this.

Got home some tiny wheels from the hardware and fixed them at its corners. Here’s a collage too if you’d like to see. Honestly, I love blogposts that explain things to me. So I like to give as much info as I can. If you have figured already, just skip it homey 😉


Pretty simple. Just place it in four corners. Mark the nail points and fix the screws.

These wheels are the ones that are used industrially and revolved 360 degrees. You also get the straight moving variety. I prefer these ones though!

All you need to do next is keep your favorite books or two, a vase and wheel it around like a little child would. I’m wondering if I should tie a rope to it and carry it with me all round the house 😉 Let’s go 100 insane.

Here’s what it became!

DIY Book Cart 3

Here’s a before and after:

Collage 2So yeah! That’s it from the sunny house this morning and more to come.

Have a crafty week ahead of ya!

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DIY Girl’s Beachy Living Room Reveal


Look who’s back with a living room reveal and how she’s totally loving it. Two days short of a week and I’m already settled in. Like I said, what doesn’t kill you makes you a pro. We moved in at morning 9 on Saturday and by 10 at night we were having cold beer at our balcony, looking out from our beautiful apartment which overlooks the equally beautiful city line. The very first day and I was on cloud 9 looking out at the view. 9th floor is always a good idea if you cannot afford a beach house. Here’s our little beachy dining nook.

IMG_1180I’m using a lot of old whites {as usual} and pops of color for spring-summer. I’m loving a bit of azure, sky, orange, pink and green in my beach house dreams too. I’ve also started using my wine bottles as water-bottles. I hate plastic bottles to the core and my husband needs a bottle of water wherever he is. Middle-ground can look pretty too 😉

IMG_1171The room still needs a rug, a bit of flower love and those red slippers need to go to the shoe rack and the coat brush too but you ain’t no stranger are you? You’d be okay with this. Oh and we also bought a 42″ TV recently and I tell you its so much fun watching stuff on big screen. Can’t wait to finish ‘Her’.

IMG_1175Vintage glass bottle love and lot of old bottles will dot this space. If you are into oldies, you’ll love to have a cuppa tea at mine. Really, see where I drink my morning cuppa…Actually I have two favorite spots. One is here, in the balcony

93200324b7ba11e3b6f60e6c1f1df275_8This photo is from my phone and very early in the morning. Please excuse the grains.

The other is here on my bed from where I can see the city heights too

fba5e7d2b88311e396de12f6f983e317_8Join me?

I’ll see you around with a new reveal sometime this week or next. Till then, tell me how ya like it.

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DIY: Transform a shoerack into your bedroom dressing table

The joy of buying things are obviously tempting. But the joy of making them is immortal.

I wanted a cozy bedroom dressing table that could go with my relaxed room decor with white washed furniture. I did not want to go the traditional way of buying the most beautiful dressing table available in the store. So, i whipped up myself an idea. I assembled a discarded cane wood shoe rack and a wall mirror that perfectly compliments each other and looks as a whole.  (Photos to follow later 🙂 )

I rescued this battered old shoe rack from the loft and saw a lot of potential in it.

For now, i fixed its wobbly sides and cleaned it. Tomorrow it shall see a makeover. Any suggestions with the color guys?

6th august

In a moment of choking dilemma, my best friend, guide and philosopher, R, asked me to bless it with a coat of white when i was somewhere dangling in between the lily of the valley blue and pale pistachio. Not too much into decor, this boy is absolutely brilliant when at it, like everything else and as always. I love you, R. You are a blessing.

I was not too sure of another white furniture, lest it rendered me a “white-0-holic”, but who can stop the inevitable. A coat of white is surely what it required.

Thank you to my very dear uncle for the suggestions. I wish I was not in such a humid zone to accommodate mahogany 😦

Thank you, Janice from: postcardsfromwildwood.wordpress.com for the inspiration, suggestion and for getting me quite right from across the miles. I wish i was half as talented as her when it comes to hardanger sachets. She is a “wonder hand”

Presenting the much controversial Shoe rack.

Living in this jet age that’s studded with technologically enhanced furniture, complete with chrome and metal and of course in most cases a remote control, its a respite to find a piece of the bygone era to put your wish upon! Something so dreamy and white and beautiful and organic and so out of another world that itself becomes an escape to the fantastic lacy, gown laden era where the gentlemen were gallant and ladies as soft as the peonies; Where children played with sheep and grandmas concreted her grandchild’s belief in fairies! Furniture that spill love, comfort and warmth. Furniture that makes you wish upon a star.