DIY: Beach House Shell Lights To Get Your Weekend Started

IMG_20140620_072200Happy Friday to you.

Now that I am feeling a lot more ‘in my elements’ than I was a couple of days before- no runny nose or any of that stupid flu and fluids- I can use a bit of girly cheer in my little wannabe beach house. Did I just say girly cheer? Smack that, I did. This is one of those rare days when I realize that I am a girl and it’s absolutely okay to like pastel shades and pink beachy lights once in a while. You won’t be judged, and even if you are, what the heck: A girl’s gotta swing moods like a girl’s gotta swing moods. Simple as that. And for today, I am the maxi dress loving, Mazy Star listening, beach house twinkly lights loving, wine loving, sheer loving, porch chair and blue sea loving girly girl 😉

Customizing lights is something I absolutely adore. I love them little lights and fairy lights and big lights but with that little twist that’ll make it quintessentially Trumatter. I think its been 4 years that I have not bought any light fixtures and even if I did I practically dismantled everything and rebuilt it the way I’d like. In retrospect, there is nothing in my house that rests in its original state…


My husband tells me I have the “Chaale” or whatever that word is which means to not let anything be like it is. I think I am awesome. I am never settling for “common” unless its clothes. Its only in the fashion division that I choose to not stand out and be a Normcore. Love them mommy T’s. I also love this photograph. It’s beautifully blur. Lately I have also developed this love for color blur photos. I don’t know why.

Anyway, so let’s get to the super easy DIY Beach Lights, yeah?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fairy lights


Epoxy or Araldite


How to make Beachy Lights 

You will work in sections.

Tape a desired length of the fairy lights to your table

Put epoxy on the base of shells and stick right over the lights.

Here’s a small snippet from martha











Dry overnight

Light it up!


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14 thoughts on “DIY: Beach House Shell Lights To Get Your Weekend Started

  1. Oh so pretty! I love little twinkly lights too! My Christmas lights are still up from December… These shell ones look gorgeous – thanks for the idea 🙂


  2. Okay, I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE these! ❤
    Next time I'm on the beach I have to collect a lot of shells and then I have to create such a light for outdoor summer parties…

    Have a great week!
    Love, Midsommarflicka


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