How to preserve flowers & Nominee for a prestigious blogger’s award


Morning and welcome to this funny little space I call home! What started with being a “bhangarwali” {Trash collector} ended up as “one of the top blogs in India” under the category “art, craft & design”. Now, when did this happen? Can I digress a bit from preserving flowers?

When I started this blog in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing. I was living alone, I ached for my home in the hills and its white, colonial setting, I was taking rounds of the huge second-hand market in Andheri picking up discarded furniture at half the price, painting stuff-mailing photographs of crafts I do in my free time, to my friends n’ family and was completely unaware of the whole blogging world. Utter confusion is where I began. I had absolutely nothing to keep me occupied, no one to share my crazy DIY ideas with and it seemed better than keeping a diary because I keep losing things. And there was so much happening that it was getting difficult keeping track of it all inside my head. Funny that I was totally opposed to the thought of being socially present! Soon after, a beautiful friendship happened.


I met Janice Heppenstall. It was a coffee machine post and her beautifully worded blog just sucked me in. In no time I was looming all over her blog till I reached one particular blue door in the garden with sunflowers to guard it. She is the first bloggy friend I had and I am thankful I met her. I am yet to visit her in person and congratulate Lucy for her exceptional French. (Or is it Spanish, Janice?)


Along the way to becoming who I was gradually becoming, I met all of you, headed to some very inspiring blogs, realized what I do is not something insane, people came over to say hi, valued what I did- inspiring me further to create. From a laughing stock, here I am. Honestly, winning or losing doesn’t matter anymore. The fact that I’m nominated makes me equally happy. Yes, there are several others who are equally good and have more votes than I do. You can check all about them here and also “like” the tiny FB button or tweet from in there. Extra blessings for those who wish to share it on their FB wall. If you don’t, I’m still with you!

May the best blog win!

And now to Preserving Flowers with Colours and Smell intact:-


This will have to begin with a story too.

Not so long ago, we had a party at ours. Strangely, when we all sit together we end up discussing art and music and the word “art” in general. I don’t quite remember who was against George {Our friend with a crazy kitten, conscious, and a talent for photography} but I remember George pointing out at this set of flowers kept neatly on my table and telling: “So would you tell this is art? Some cheap plastic, beautifully manufactured flowers- would you deem this as art?”

After the whole thing was over, I pointed it out to him that as a matter of fact, this is art. The flowers are real. They have been dried neatly to be preserved just the way they were when they came. Its called oshibana πŸ™‚

Just cracks me up everytime I think of this. These are same flowers you see.

My mother used to dry flowers- she learnt it from my grandmother who learnt it from a friend who was a pilot and was frequenting London in the golden era when drying flowers became a popular hobby and preservation method in England. Low-cut necklines were in fashion and with this trend came in the whole concept ofΒ  “bosom flowers”- not to forget their sensual concoction πŸ˜‰ Dried flowers were also made into garlands to add to jewelry designs, fans and gloves.

And what’s up with the whole shabby decor and paris chic that’s embracing the beauty of dried flowers- getting it in vogue. I can bet my ass that Rachel Ashwell has one dried flower in her home, at the least. A peony maybe?

Nevertheless, this bit is pure art and you may like to know how its done!

IMG_0846Get your husband to get you a bunch of flowers- instruct him to get you blooms that are half opened. A fully bloomed flower may wither faster and lose petals in the process of drying.Β 

Consider the variety of flower you are using. Air drying will work for more robust varieties such as roses or lavender.

Step Important: Keep them in water for a day or two if you want to enjoy them just as they are. I do. When you’ve had enough, follow the next steps-

Step 1: Strip your flower of excess foliage and cut the stems. About 5″ stem is good.

Step 2: Keep away from sunlight. This will help them maintain their color during the process.

Step 3: Find a dry cool place that has plenty of air and circulation. Keep the flowers {whether in a cup, glass, hanger} in the spot and keep it undisturbed for a good 2-3 weeks.

Step 4: When they are crisp to the touch, spray them with a good hairspray to secure the color and for some protection.

Your dried flowers are ready to use as you please. Pure Art πŸ˜‰

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8 thoughts on “How to preserve flowers & Nominee for a prestigious blogger’s award

  1. Gosh, I don’t know what I did to deserve that glowing mention, but thank you! Congratulations on your nomination and good luck. Now as for art and dried flowers…. Well, I think there is such a thing as ‘living artfully’, having beautiful things, beautifully arranged, etc. As for dried flowers themselves, I personally wouldn’t describe them as ‘art’, but I would describe your photos of them as art, especially that last one, which I love!


    • Hahahaha, you should meet George!
      Honestly even I think this is no art. But Oshibana is. Do have a look.
      Im surprised that you are surprised at this mention. You are one of my oldest bloggy friends πŸ™‚


  2. I found out your blog thru bloadda and its so beautiful ! loved your writing style … just voted for you ❀ ❀
    My blog is nominated in beauty category …. do check out


  3. When you write you touch someone else’s heart! I know you do my, you say it a way I’ve always wished I could say it! A dried flower in a vase of not is a piece of art and I am so very proud of you for saying it was! It grieves my heart that you ever thought of yourself as “crazy”, certainly you must know you are special, and and nothing less. Thanks so much for sharing how to dry flowers for I so long to do it with my roses this year and my ever plenty Queen’s Ann Lace.


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