DIY Beachy Serving Tray from Clothes beating bat

Hey you all down under! What’s happening? Have you had a great weekend?

Its Sunday, 5:02 P.M here and its raining like cats and dogs. But you know what? What I do care- I have got coffee and Ella Fitzgerald’s love to keep me warm! My idea of a perfect Sunday! Plus we have an oh-so-white and shabby addition to Trumatter’s kitchen- a too easy, DIY, beach washed tray that’s an absolute party essential and which is also made from a 30 bucks clothes beating bat.

I love trays. They give you space, make your clutters vanish and if used cleverly a single tray can do the work of many including a seasoning and a cheese tray. But they don’t make trays I like, do they? They have to stud it with colors and flowers and brights and moderns and patterns I like in a material I hate: MELAMINE. And go to buy one of the woody looking ones and they cost you a time bomb. Uh-uh- me no buy. Me make.

And while I was still looking for that perfect material to turn it into a beachy tray, my Tru-eyes fell upon this clothes beating bat that has been sitting in the corner of my kitchen with my chopping board foreva. How did I not see its potential?

A clothes beating bat is basically a solid block of wood with an attached handle to beat soap soaked clothes. It’s still very common in India, although in my home, this act has become vintage. It is like this small predecessor of a modern day cricket bat and trust me, it was just perfect for the tray solution- its a solid block of wood, it has a beautiful, vintage hand carved handle and it can soak up some white and shabby as I can soak up vodka! Plus it is about quarter of a meter long, and 15 cm wide and about 5cm thick which adds to its potential of being a beach house tray!

Coming to think of it, when you wont need to serve anything, this can be a wonderful table decor with some shells and starfish, a glass full of hydrangeas or some autumn leaves and a glass of port- it looks awesome and you can serve it in straight!!!

Ready for the tutorial?

I made a seasoning set to go with this too, so all tuts together, below. k?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Containers- pick up ordinary salt and pepper shakers, set of 4. Find the cheapest one. I’ll show you what I picked

Clothes bat: In India, its pretty common and one cost about 30 bucks

White paint

A brush

Letters printed in reverse in your favorite font



First, paint your containers and your wooden bat white. I used 2 coats of ivory from Asian Paints.

Next, sand your wooden bat/tray to shabbiness. This is totally your part. Leave just a hint of paint of rub off parts from here and there- its all upto you.

3rd, cut your printed letters (that had been printed out in reverse) and attach it face down with modgepodge. Leave it for 24 hours.

The day after, spray some water on the letters and rub off the pulp. Be gentle!

Fifth and final step- put about 3 coats of modgepodge, each one after the previous dries completely.

That’s it: Pretty no brainer!

I am yet to fill these with seasoning but seriously, this is gonna be a hit.  No more kitchen trips, no getting up from your seat, no ugly store bought seasoning containers on the table- just a great, functional seasoning tray made from everyday objects and in a style that suits any table setting!

Problemo solved!

How do you like it ladies? Keeping it simple and functional?


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17 thoughts on “DIY Beachy Serving Tray from Clothes beating bat

    • 🙂 I colored mine white…they were originally brushed steel! And about the beating bat, i think the big chopping boards look quite similar to them. You can use one of them instead…and it would look beautiful! With a French motif maybe!


  1. I could listen to Ella all day! I don’t think we have beating bats my way either, but I’m thinking a cutting board in this shape would work. love the condiment set! Your are a very creative girl! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success


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