DIY: Polka Dot Serving Spoons

Back on track ladies, back on track!

This blog has not deviated from its usual thrifting and DIY’s, now that it has a new camera and props. This will not focus on only photography but shall stay true to its intention- it shall continue to copy cat, thrift, find the best bargains, find super easy Do-It-Yourself projects that give striking results, spend a dime for all the dash, share some food love and recipes that always come handy and while doing so, wade towards creating a beach house of my tiny city condo- where dreams hatch in peace. Aye.

 So, to bring this ship back to steer, on the starboard, we have a ridiculously easy craft that you’ll absolutely love. I know for sure because it involves polka dots. Which girl doesn’t love Polka dots eh?

I’ll confess that most of the things I buy, I buy with my photographic eye. I love things around my house that looks good in photographs. Maybe a slotted, unusual spoon that’ll help me get my dish an edge or a ball of plain raffia for my composition when I am doing a beach decor: its all for photography primarily and for use later. I know, I’m pretty horrible. And for the last couple of days I’ve been on the look out for some Polka Dotted Spoons- I have seen them around blogs and they look pretty- both off and on camera. I would actually love that pleasure of eating my Blueberry clafoutis with a pink spotted spoon. But as usual you know what happened here.

I didn’t find them. But what I did find was a kindergartenish kinda idea that actually worked. Rohan’s mom gifted me 3 Fluorescent colored, bright serving spoons and I thought it would be ideal if they were Polka. As thought as done! I dipped a matchstick in emulsion paint and kept dotting polka patterns. I excluded the concave surface for obvious reasons- you cannot mix food and emulsion paint, eh.

Dried it for a day and there you have it! A set of retro looking Polka dotted serving spoons that adds a whole lot of funkentelechy in your food. Or in this case photographs.


Do not use scrubbers to wash it for this might peel it off.

Keep the dots smaller for a more realistic look.

I hope you have enjoyed this bit of self proclaimed genius craft- shout out if you think its cool!


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