A morning in 50mm…

My very generous, very lovable would be husband thought of ever so kindly giving away his DSLR to this little girl in the sunny apartment and I think it was the best decision he’s ever made. I am absolutely loving what I am getting from it. I am excited and I want to scream my heart out.

I was taking photographs with the Canon SX130 by far, and it is a brilliant camera for its price. But comeon, you can’t beat the DSLR can you when you are looking for details in your food photography? Who knew this inedible beetroot could look so good. I think I’ll make a beetroot and rocket salad just for the heck of it.

Pardon my feet, will you? They just wander about anywhere.

I tried the 18-mm yesterday and I thought it was cool. I had to try the 50mm to seriously understand what’s cool. Pardon my lingo, that’s how we talk in India. We’re cool.

I have a girl to do the chores for me. She found this really funny when I asked her to stand still with a small dahlia in her hand. I should have captured her face! She also asked me if I wanted some more coffee.. She thought I’ve gone nuts.

I have. This lens is a must buy and what a great time to come- a friend of mine and me are coming up with a dedicated food & food photography blog. *Excited*

What lens do you use? Tips and tricks? Fill me in.


9 thoughts on “A morning in 50mm…

  1. Congrats on the camera! Exciting! I know you’ll make good use of it because you are already an excellent photographer! I’m anxious to see your new blog too! xo wendy. (ps…I love that you have your photo of your face on your blog now…instead of hiding behind that camera in the old photo!)


  2. girl, the photos are looking gorgeous! and so is the blog header and everything around the place. i use a dslr but i use the automatic function because i just don’t have the time or patience to be fiddling with settings for so many images i need for my shop. so my thing is waiting for the light. then seizing the oppportunity. i hardly ever edit photos anymore unless i’m doing a shoot for a friend and we need to erase turkey neck or whatev.

    love to you.



  3. Congrats! Both on the camera and the fact that you have a very generous and loving man. 🙂
    One tip … natural light. Always go for natural light. And go easy on the editing … especially don’t go overboard with the contrast as we are wont to initially. It takes away the fine details. I use a Canon EOS and am happy with it. Happy Clicking Rukmini! 🙂


    • I am a natural light harvestor too S and somehow against the rules of photography, I like my photos a wee high key. I like clear defined lines and crisp white glows with sharp to eye touch. Being me here again 🙂


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