We are getting married!

Halloa, halloa!  How have you been keeping ladies? You see now, why I had been so busy? I was prepping for an engagement function. Feels so good to be tellin you all…my boyfriend and I are getting married although the date still needs to be fixed. Need more dope? Yeah, yeah, I know and I will give you so.

Rohan and I had been seeing each other for the past 5 years and this birthday he took me out for dinner and popped that 1, Big, oh-so-blushy question that every girl in her life waits for! Well, I said yes. But we wanted to wait for our parents to meet each other before we announced this!!!


Awwww! Isn’t he the cutest?

I am a Bengali and he is a Maharashtrian and our races have its own traditional wedding dresses. For fun, we dressed in the other’s traditional dress and we loved every moment of it.

Ask how it feels to marry your boyfriend of 5 long years? I say EXCELLENT. My best friend, my confidante and my partner in crime who dotes on me, cooks for me, sings for me and even deals with me and my illogical tantrums is now going to be my husband. Can anything be sweeter?

But its not all dreamflower and lilac that you’re thinking. A lot has happened lately; stuff that are unpleasant and stuff that are pleasant, stuff worth remembering and stuff worth turning a deaf ear to. But in the end, what I figured out is, all that happened and the parts that were bad couldn’t kill me. It only made me stronger. I am wiser than yesterday and never before in my life have I been so sure about my decisions and actions. Its been an experience, a learning.

You see I can choose to discuss or hold on to it or forget about all of that and remember the best snippets from the day. I’ll choose to do the latter for the cause is the only thing that should have my attention. Nothing or no one else really matters.

The man is my life is the sweetest and I love him quiet. Best part is he loves me back and possibly loves me a wee more than I love him. 🙂 Do we fight? Yes we do. We fight for stupid reasons and we pull a grump on each other and then laugh on it. How long does our fight last? 10 minutes.  Are we the perfect couple? No we are not. We have our own demons. Are we alike? No, we are 40% contradictory. But truth is our imperfections are perfect for each other, our contradictions harmonize perfectly- a reason enough for us to be with each other for the rest of our lives.


Toodles ladies!!


24 thoughts on “We are getting married!

  1. Many congratulations Rukmini and Rohan – now that it’s official! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

    You look so beautiful in that green and gold silk!


    • Thank you so much Janice…yeah, official finally!
      The green and gold saree really suited me well…I loved the color but didn’t think it would though. Rohan’s mom gifted it to me.


  2. Wow…..a big hearty congrats to you n Rohan! You guys sound perfect and its the cutest thing to marry your boyfriend of 5 years 🙂

    Really really happy! All the best to you both!!


    • Isn’t it shreyoshi? Thank you again. With so many great friends in here and so much of love and wishes, I’m sure we’ll be able to look back at this page when we are 60 🙂


  3. you guys look amazing together..! 🙂
    rukmini you are looking very pretty (i like the new look :P)
    Rohan looking like bongali baabumoshaay (hahahaha!!)
    All the luck for the beautiful journey ahead..! 🙂 🙂
    Lots and lots of good wishes to both of you..!


    • lol…. hopefully…by far ive not heard anyone speak excellent things abt it anyway 😀 Hahahahaha….. Thank you so much for dropping in. We will make sure “sharmila’s doi mach” is in the wedding menu.


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