Spring Planting: Growing your own veggies and Re-using Disposable Milk Cups as Seed Starters

Chirp, chirp real ladies. Wakey, wakey! It’s a beautiful day, the birds are busy nesting, the butterflies are visiting, the sparrows have had their first round of breakfast, the sun is warm and the spring air is totally intoxicating. Care to wake up and see what I’ve got today up my sleeves? Need a cup of coffee? Have some for today we shall go out with those yellow gloves and do some spring-summer planting. We will grow our own herbs, we will grow fresh mustard and coriander, we will not buy veggies from supermarket, or at least avoid as much as we can and we would love getting our nails dirty. Ready then? Hats out.

Recently, I bought a pack of 60 milk cups for tea and coffee and they were so adorable that I just couldn’t throw the empty plastic cups away. So, I washed them with warm water and stacked them away. Look what they found use as! I was simultaneously looking for containers that could be seed starters and they were just perfect. Pierce 2-3 very small holes with a needle or a safety pin and you are good to start! Inexpensive, durable and once you have transferred your little seedlings to a bigger container, you can very well reuse them!

The smaller seeds are mustard and the larger ones are obviously coriander. Now there are different ways to starting them. While Mustard will thrive really well on the surface of the soil, coriander needs be buried in at least an inch of soil. Also, very acidic soil with lots of gravels will not work for these.

How to plant coriander

Put about 1 teaspoon of soil in each container and top it off with coriander seeds. 5-6 seeds per cup. Now, top it off with another teaspoon of soil and water. Keep in a place where it gets atleast 4 hours of sunlight.

Note: Coriander will take about a week and half to come out of its seedly slumber šŸ™‚

How to plant mustard

In a cup or whatever you are using as seed starters, put about a tablespoon of rich black soil and scatter the seeds on top. Water well and keep in a place thatĀ receivesĀ atleast 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.

Note: You can see them all happy and green in a day or two if you have done it right. Mine did.

After they hatched, I planted them into a bigger tub. And boy oh boy they are growing.

Have any recipes with fresh Mustard anyone?

Love spring!

Have a great weekend ladies



6 thoughts on “Spring Planting: Growing your own veggies and Re-using Disposable Milk Cups as Seed Starters

  1. Amar erokom choto choto nijer haater kaaj korte khub bhalo lage. In fact cane ar wooden jinish sandpaper kore polish kora amar priyo kaaj. Aajkal je halka ply’r furniture hoye amar shegulo tai jonne bhalo lage na. šŸ™‚
    Khub bhalo laglo tomar blog … will drop in regularly now.
    And oh … loved that makeover you gave your fridge.


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