Day 2: Hello Fresh flowers + Going Pink and Coastal

Hello lovelies! How goes it today.

It’s Friday and I am so in love with a pink coastal decor. After searching for hours online “Pink room inspirations”, “elements for a pink room” and “pink coastal decor” I found out that I had pretty much everything to turn this space into a cozy nook, in a style that is “me”. And so it began.

When I first saw this room, I simply couldn’t see the possibilities. You see, we are so used to pastel blues and navy stripes when we think coastal that a pink room with a violet toned fuchsia wall can be quite apt for coastal decor is something I just couldn’t imagine. I guess the wall was laughing at me when in my mind I was thinking such. Also Google. Search the term, “Pink and coastal” and you’ll be amazed. In fact I am so much in love with pink and coastal that I can almost write, pink is the new Navy.

Girly, soft, yet with a character, I really enjoyed how the color played romance with my old whites and transformed itself to a coastal corner. I can simply stare at it all day. I’m in love with it! Or is it Friday?

Here’s where I sit and work ladies. Nothing fancy of sorts but I love the glow it radiates and the comfort of the space. And given a choice, I would not be anywhere else. I love this corner bathed in sunlight in the morning and moon lit at night. This is my own little slice of heaven.

This is my bedside workplace obviously- more on the entire room tomorrow. This is all I could achieve in a day! I’m good at this right?



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