Before and After: Living Room, a nautical runner and a pop of yellow

Good day Ladies! How’s it going at your end? I see a lot of us are having a stressful week- *hmph*. The effects are already showing on my face. Last night the man came home from work and instantly uttered: “Why are you looking so pale? Are you unwell?” Oh- me! No, darlin’ I’m just stressed. That ruddy estate agent is calling me 24 times a day: in meetings, in reports, even when I am possibly in the loo. And I didn’t even delay a day bit in giving him the cash. Jesus Christ. Love this space you know. I can rant my heart out…And I know you girls are listening. I am thinking of starting a club that would connect landlords and tenants directly without the involvement of these broker midgets. They can really get to your nerve + I refuse to pay 13000 rupees to brokers, every after 11 months just because he showed me a place to live. It is totally stupid.

At least I got a good house by paying only 1000 bucks more than what I was paying and where I was living.  So, it’s worth it.

Revamping one room at a time to make it look like mine, the photographs are of my drawing room. I’m loving the yellow gingham cushion. It screams spring. Doesn’t it? I love the putty and brown runner too.

So, what do you all think?

This is where we started from


8 thoughts on “Before and After: Living Room, a nautical runner and a pop of yellow

  1. Ay, ay, ay! You’ve only been there a week and you’ve already decorated?!!! Actually I like the ‘before’, but the ‘after’ is much more you and very springlike.


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