Going Coastal & an Easy, Beachy centerpiece idea

A rather quick turnaround, innit? Well, it took me almost 2 years to figure out my own style of living but once decided, things are going pretty fast here in this tiny apartment by the creek. So what it takes me an hour to hit the beach, so what I stay by the creek and not practically by the sea, I do live in the coast and I can get some sunshine whenever I want to. I can open my windows and breathe in the salty air, I can decide to walk by the beach if I want to! Is that not enough to have a totally-oh-so-lovely coastal home? I know. It totally is.

Last week I was at the beach and we found some really pretty shells. And if you remember, I made these aqua glass jars a couple of months back- I have washed them many times and I love the permanent staining, without washing restrictions. You can see it here as to how I did it!

A couple of shells, some fresh cut flowers and some water. Even on a grey, cold day like today, you are bound to feel cheery! Assemble similar cuts in same height for a clustered look or arrange spray and different flowers in different or same height; in similar or contrast tones for cheer and whimsy. My mom would readily try her hands on with some succulents. She can grow them. She has a green or should I say, succulent thumb! Whatever your choice of cut or flower is, this very easy DIY coastal centerpiece will not take you more than 2 seconds. How I love thee o-beach-lovely!

Maybe I’ll do a coastal tablescape and see how it goes? Yes?

Well, alright, if you insist! In the next post though. Till then come and have some limoncello with me. The sun’s setting!

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8 thoughts on “Going Coastal & an Easy, Beachy centerpiece idea

  1. Looks lovely – such a simple idea and very effective. Looks great in your stained vase too. I have a bowl of shells in the bathroom but could easily get more to put in a vase of flowers.


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