DIY & Repurpose: Skirt frills to curtain frills

Hello, hello, hello, holla! Right now, I’m loving a bit of ruffle in my life! I cannot get my mind off beautiful lacey ruffles in fact. If I could, I would have sewn little ruffles all over my clothes. Fluffy ruffles in white muslin, yes! And muslin drapes with their so shabby wrinkles. I know what you are thinking. I have a perfect eye for anything “un-beauty”. But that’s how I like things. Homely, shabby, white, warm and comfort laden.

I got the fabric of a yard sale and the ruffles added on top are from an unused skirt that was made of crepe cotton. I first stitched the curtain and then stitched the ruffle with little lace trimmings on top. Really, this is a no brainer.  Wanna see where it fits?

That’s the aisle which leads to my kitchen. Love that little red door mat and the sign! I’ll show you around once I’m totally done with it. For my bedroom, this is what I’m thinking. I’ll have a bit more greys in here though!

Have a great week me ladies!

8 thoughts on “DIY & Repurpose: Skirt frills to curtain frills

  1. what lovely, no fuss frills!

    we have to talk about this word ‘homely.’ so many of my international bloggy friends use it to describe what i have always known as ‘home-y.’ where i live, if something is homely, it’s butt ugly. totally different!!




  2. Hi Rukmini, I love ruffles too, not too much but a little. I just purchased some ruffled trim to make some items for my shop.
    Your home looks lovely. And the inspiration photo is so pretty, I love the lamp and soft colors. Hugs, tami


    • Hi tami 🙂 yes, im a ruffle fan too. Obviously, not everywhere although at times i want to roll in ruffles like a puppy would in a floor rug! Heading over to your shop to see more of them beauties then.


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