DIY: Clay Starfish for your beach decor

Hello from the sunny land again. It’s so good to see everyone back, happy from the holidays and the linky’s are back in full swing. So many inspirations, unbelievable repurposing, nifty thrifty finds, amazing crafts, makeovers: one will never run out on things to do, simply because the inspirations just don’t stop flowin’ in.

You won’t believe this but I am the laziest in summers. Our summers are not a happy vanilla affair- it is rather fuchsia and orange drilled into fluorescent green. It’s hot and humid and there is nothing you’d want to do except wear skimpy tanks and be indoors. But since the time I actively started blogging, I even find our summers quite charming. Exciting cooler recipes, calming drapes, gardening, house plants, experimenting with colors, loads of DIY’s, blog parties, features, specials- There is no season in the world that bores me enough! Seriously, blogs are possibly the best thing that has happened to mankind after chocolate.

Right after New Year, I took down all the heavy deco this year and prepped my home for spring. I know, I’m a bit weird and I goly am but I simply have to get the breeze play in my home once the new year is over. I must get

everything to a state of white, serenity and calmness. Having finally decided the style in which I would like to spend the rest of my life, I rolled my sleeves up for some serious beach style decor only to realize that them star fishes whom I would love to see everywhere in my home is unavailable here in the beaches of India.

 They are not available even in the local beach shops but in malls only- with each of them priced between 6$ – 8$, depending on their size! uh-uh- no-no. That’s not what me the girl would do. I inspected them very carefully and went straight to hobby ideas to get me some air drying clay. I could do that. Easily.

So, here’s what you need to do

Knead about 2 tbsp of clay till soft and make a ball by tolling it between the palm of your hands. Now divide it in 5 equal parts and roll them into 5 thick elongated sections. These are going to be the legs.

Next, take a baking/parchment paper and draw 5 lines meeting at one point.  See sketch below:

Now, simply place your sections on the lines and overlap the 5 loose ends at the junction. Pinch the loose ends.

Once that is done, wet your fingers in water and smooth the junction. Run a wet finger on the wiggly legs as well. Let it dry for 1 minute.

After it is settled, take a skewer and poke holes on the star fish. Go by symmetry or just randomly. I went by symmetry. I am like that. Particular in things that wouldn’t really matter! Haha.

Let it dry. Give it a coat of white and you’re done.

I found my inspiration here:

Check her blog out, Vivienne there is a wonderful blogger and so is her beachy corners.

Have a wonderful weekend people. Love from the Arabian Sea.


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24 thoughts on “DIY: Clay Starfish for your beach decor

  1. These are great! I will have to try these soon. We don’t have any beautiful little starfish either in the freshwater so I have to order all mine online. 😦
    Have a wonderful day!


    • Oh yes Michelle, try them on. Do not order online anymore…believe me they come out so well, no one will be able to tell the difference. Plus those are expensive. Let me know if you try! Best of luck.


  2. These are beautiful! The pictures are just so pretty, makes me want to head down to the beach today 🙂 No worries about the link, I’ll fix it. Have a great week.


  3. I am not a big summer fan either! Here in the deep South it gets terribly hot and humid too. I just melt! I would love to spend time in the yard but it’s just too dang hot!
    I love your clay starfish – they look great.


    • Oh, Rhonda, I can completely sympathize with you although its bearable here due to the adjacent sea. Its hot and humid in the mornings but its breezy in the evenings. Thank you so much for visiting 🙂


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