Our Christmas Tablescape, Menu & Traditions!

Ladies and gentlemen (doubt there is any), welcome to my humble abode. Hows it going at your nooks? All happy and white? Ready for a lil’ sneak peek? Well, even if we are a zillion years away from snow or even frost, its been getting a bit chilly here in the evenings. Nature’s way of telling you, “dowse thyself in bourbon, Eggnog and cookies and read a good book by the fire. This is December yo!” How I love winters. The moment I stepped out of my very blue cubicle, a gush of cool wind hit my face and whispered in my ear that maybe I should jump a bit instead of walking so straight on the pavement in my formals. Maybe I should have some junk food and pick up a warm pint. Maybe I can. Lol, and I did. It felt wonderful.

Anyway, after all that jumping, warm pint, Christmas songs on youtube and the last of the surviving cookie crumbles (I swear I added 2 inches to my already plump waistline) I finally brought out my China and laid the table.

Here are the elements that went into the making apart from my China and Crystal ware.

Clay coastal creatures and hearts- strewn carelessly (Like I have the patience)

Glass baubles (Yes, without a couple of sparkly spheres, I’m never satisfied). I tucked in some red satin ribbons in them to go with the theme.

I filled a glass with scented salts and stuck a red tapered candle in it. Rested a real, dried starfish (a colleague got it for me on request- yes my colleagues are very supportive of my blogging habits which also accounts for the fact that I owe the credit of my header to one of my flash designers 🙂 ) at the foot of the candle!

 Simple, coastal, clad in red, silver, cream, a hint of gold and loads and loads of white.  Just the way I like: a coastal take on my mom’s Christmas decorating!

And that my friend leaves me with only two places, yet to get the touch- my bedroom and the tree- of course I cannot do this without R here. This tradition was started by my father, who always roped in his family in anything he did, anywhere he went. Decking the tree together was his idea, which quickly became a tradition. Now, me and R deck the tree together, every year over sweet treats, food, coffee, wine and music, since my family is far away. He always makes me feel @ home. He is home. I’m waiting for him to be back! He is my best friend you see.

Am I talking too much? Okay, sorry, quickly to the menu

This obviously is not traditional and we keep changing it all the time, except the roast. That’s possibly tradition again.

Take a look:

Chicken Wings in sweet soy sauce

Crab cakes (if i find crab meat that is)

Roast Chicken

Rum Cake with candied fruits and raisins


(how could I forget) Jelly! Red and green- specific with passion fruit and cranberry toppings.

Off to some pedi I am. Have a fabulous weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tablescape, Menu & Traditions!

  1. I love it….simple and sweet like you! Your man is very lucky to have you! We always decorated the tree together in my family too…not so much now that a few live further away, but they’ll still be home for Christmas! (Rukimini….I love the snow coming down on your page….awesome!) I look forward to your blog EVERYDAY!
    Merry Christmas…wendy xo


    • Thank you Wendy. It means a lot to me. And just so you might know, I visit the Herballistic garden, every day!!! By the way, if you have a wordpress blog as your back end, you can make it snow too!!!

      Thanks for making me feel so special.


  2. Very lovely, simple and elegant. Hubs and I always decorate the tree together. It’s a fun sharing time. But of gosh I let him take it down and put away! Thanks for sharing at Sunday’s Best and wishing you Happy Holiday’s.


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