An Easy, Festive Dessert: Cookie Crumble & Whipped Cream

Hello my lovely ladies! How goes it? Needless asking ‘coz I know it’s going happily hectic. Do you know I still did not decorate my tree? Well, it’s not because I have forgotten but because Mr. urban aka R wants to do it too (It’s our own tradition to devote an evening or a day to it completely over music, treats and wine) and he is on a “business trip”. So that part of my house will be here after Monday. Till then I’m prepping up my Christmas dinner recipes and making some cheerful desserts: the excuse is, I’m just warming up a bit. The original reason: I love desserts. Sad part is R is not a dessert person at all but Rum cake and Jelly. He expressed his ardent desire to have Red and Green jelly in Christmas and so shall it be. How can you deny Jelly to someone, specially when that someone asks you with cutest face ever? Can you? I’m a bleeding heart and I simply cannot, although I’m no Jelly fan. I’ll give my jelly cup a dash of whipped cream and some strawberries maybe.

So, anyway, coming back to the topic, last night I made a batch of cookie crumble with whipped cream and choco chips and I’m telling you I seriously, just cannot get over this very easy, assembled dessert that also somehow has no fixed name. By the way, did you know my blender’s gone awry and I whipped the cream with my trusted full blown wire whisk and of course my hand? *sobs*. But somehow there was a satisfaction in this hard work. T’was fun, nevertheless.

R got me these cups from Delhi, last week and they are just what I want. A little sandy on the surface and glossy on the edges, the chocolate shade in them perfectly compliments my spirited hot chocolates and Monday night desserts + they are microwave safe which means I can warm up my thick chocolates a jiffy! I love, love, love them.

Okay…*coughs*…Are you still with me? (I doubt). Good. So, here’re the ingredients from the Trukitchen:

Whipping cream: 1 cup

Chocochip cookies: About 12 (crushed fine)

Chocolate chips: A handful


Very easy this step is. Just beat the whipped cream till it forms soft peaks. Layer your cup with alternate layers of crushed cookies and whipped cream. Finally, sprinkle some chocochips. Be generous, this is Christmas!

Chill for minimum 2 hours and best if kept to set over night.

Serve in clear glass or cups.

Very easy, very festive, very doable and very me!


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