Vintage Glass Jar Labels: How to get the look

A little project here! I’ve been saving my old sauce bottles for some vintage labeling and there came along this old glass jar with lid for only 2$. Well Trumatter couldn’t wait any longer.

So last night we got this printed from here (Thank you Rohan), soaked them in coffee, baked them for 5 minutes and did a little gluety-puety work on our glass jars. Then we made some cupcakes, potted some flowers and enjoyed all of it with a big cuppa coffee.

I am to be playing host tomorrow to a small party and methinks this would quite be the center of attraction.

Y’all like it?


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18 thoughts on “Vintage Glass Jar Labels: How to get the look

    • Rosemary, I seriously swoon over your blog. I love your chipped wooden vignettes and frames. They are luscious.
      Thanks, btw! Im seriously getting worried now…Im preparing everything ahead of time so that I sont have some last minute additions. But I bet there will be.


  1. Lovely labels. (I can’t get the link to work so can’t see the originals.) I have to warn you – collecting glass jars and bottles that ‘might come in useful some day’ can lead to domestic strife!


    • Oh My Goodness!!! I am so honored. So so very honored. Cannot tell you how elated I am that you found this interesting and apt enough to share. It means a lot.

      Thank you Vanessa and Heather. Waiting ardently for the post.


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