Clay Tags: Create stamped effects without stamps

You can create stamped effects on a clay tag without stamps. Necessity is the mother of all invention.

After a couple of raw tries, it was time to be a pro. With a 5 day paid holiday (grins) I thought it was the perfect time to hone this newly acquired skill. But hello! We have a roadblock here it seems. None of the hobby stores had stamps. None. And what they had, I’d rather not take it. But like I said, necessity is the mother of all invention. Who knew you can create a stamped effect without a stamp, with the help of tracing and carbon paper! And dude, this is not an inspired idea but an invented one.

This is what you can do:

Pick out your designs on a tracing paper

Place it on top of a carbon and paper

Position the carbon paper and tracing paper duo on your clay tag

Run the pencil on the tracing paper which will transfer the image on to your clay tag directly

There you go! Done. Give it a coat of clear varnish or linseed oil. Preferably linseed oil as its thinner and will not give it a glossy look.

Create and Enjoy- make more for less. Or lets just say: 3$ for all. Sounds good?


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23 thoughts on “Clay Tags: Create stamped effects without stamps

    • Hahahaha…see what I meant. Well, a couple of them went to cars, to be hung with hemp on the rear view mirror. And this set I will be using on my empty jam jars wit twine- the contents of which may dongle between honey, lemonade and flowers 🙂 One butter fly is on the making too. May be the bee can go to the honey jar and the butterfly to the jar i’ve been planning to use as vase. What do you think? 🙂


    • Oh Lauren, I exactly know what you mean. This was the result of sheer desperation. Imagine, I want a Fleur De Lys stamp right now and I dont have. Result: I spend days looking for it and eventually when i get it, im just so over it. Try this on and believe me it will not disappoint you.


  1. wow these look so pretty ! I have always wanted to make clay tags .. but somehow never got around to it.

    It’s funny heh how I found your blog…. I am bengali, grew up in Mumbai, now settled in Sydney, found your link from Sarah’s blog and hopped over here to find your pretty blog !!

    weird !


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