My 100th post: Shading a century with Pastels!

This very post here is my 100th and I really cannot believe this. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was wondering if I should be on blogger or WordPress and settled for the latter as I was thorough with the workings of a WP dashboard- I was already writing for several sites in the back end. Amazing how time flies!

Through its course, I have not only met some of the most wonderful people, who are now my friends and whom I deeply cherish but have also witnessed some of the most inspiring pieces of work and projects that have moved, enthused and encouraged me to see graceful possibilities in even the most ungraceful. From cooking to DIY, from reuse to recognition- I feel happy that I am one of you.

You see, I’m no good at needle, but I guess I’m fine with pastels! Whipped up from pure imagination, and with wee bit of inspiration from the color and shading techniques of Buddhist Monastery walls, this is done on writing pad with pastel colors.  Fruit of boredom? Yes, sire, you can say. As long as it helps in pouring out some creative juice!

Here’s to you all! Cheers!


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