A wall stand reveal

I’m so sorry I couldn’t take a picture of what it was before, but I’m sure I can show you some snaps that resemble the same.  It was awful. Someone just didn’t have the eye for beauty. Any who, I picked it up for 30 bucks, and sanded it till the color bled out. Then I gave it two coats of Asian Paints Pristine Green.

And let it dry for two days. With a thick grained sand paper, I stripped it down from its sides and chipped it. By the way, a small knife did a good job too in bringing out the feel

Now, here it is! Ready to be mounted. I’ll show where I mounted it and with what!

Have a good weekend!


10 thoughts on “A wall stand reveal

  1. I own up – my taste is closer to how it will have looked before you took the sandpaper to it… But I just know you will make this will look fabulous where you mount it, and with whatever you stand on it. 🙂


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