DIY: Make Lampshades from Old Glass Bottles!

My brother in law presented me two cabinets which look perfect at either side of our living room couch. But as soon I placed them, I realized that there was a problem! They screamed for lamps, each of them and I was in no mood to spend 50$.Β 

A little R&D told me that I could recycle old glass bottles into lamp-shades and they look absolutely chic and stunning! Well, well, I thought why not!

I cleaned a glass bottle (obviously, as you can see, “Black Dog” whiskey), drilled a hole at its base (very, very tricky, keep a steady force of water while you are at it and wear safety gears), attached one piece of wire to a holder, took the other out through the base-hole and attached it to a plug-in. The crucial half ends here.

I have used a transparent wire, you can use any wire that goes with your glass bottle.

Next, I attached the holder on the neck by means of a strong glue that can be used in electrical purposes and fit the shade. That’s it!Β An old Whiskey bottle was radically recycled into a lampshade with cost under 8$.

The result: See for yourself!

Tip: While attaching scratch the holder from below by the help of a knife. Rough surfaces ensure better and strong hold when glued than smooth, polished ones.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend everyone!


17 thoughts on “DIY: Make Lampshades from Old Glass Bottles!

    • Well, me and my love for white would be the best answer. I painted everything in a chalk white, gradually bought stuff that accentuate the theme and now, I have everything that’s crisp and white. I don’t think any other color makes me feel so happy and relaxed as white does. Too many colors and I feel choked, unless Im in morocco or Rajasthan where I’d be happy to sleep in an orange and black bedspread.


  1. You know what, for me the best gratification happens when I see little things of my house being recycled and kept in a way, in your house that i could have never imagined. Yes, i also have a knack for white and so i think that’s in the genes. Now act quick and please make two lampshades for me and gift me!!!!


    • And you’d like to know that it’s very tricky. Use the drill that they use to punch holes in a mirror. Normal drills wont work. An unused fish bowl sounds cool! You can make a brilliant pendant light out of it.


  2. You are SO clever! Not mention brave! Drilling a hole in glass!!!! Your new lamp looks gorgeous. Just as long as you don’t drink the whisky and do the drilling on the same day……! πŸ™‚


    • Do you have any idea that I missed you, madame! I was so sober when I did this, we just had to finish whatever was left in it, just for creativity’s sake, you see πŸ˜€ You wouldn’t throw away some darn good whiskey, would you?


  3. This is a lovely table setting. Did you recover the shade on the lamp yourself, Rukmini, or did you purchase the shade ready-made?


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