What I’m falling for: Change of color and a new decor!

It’s so good to be back in here! After a terrible cold that’s still not 100% cured, a change is just what I wanted. A change from the blue, grey and white that dominated my decor into something more fresh, uplifting and rejuvenating. Something that will go with the oranges of fall and also be a base for Christmas. Something more floral, more cozy and yet not too dark! So here are the drools!

White, yellow and lime

The color of my wall is light yellow (just the same you see above) and I’m going mad with options!!! Funny thing is I never really liked yellow walls until I came upon an article called “Golden Glow” by Martha Stewart. Wow! It actually made me think otherwise. What a manipulative artsy little woman! So, keeping the color same, here I am to color cord. my room, of course, in a budget!

Yellow, white, red & green – Oh so French!

Yellow, blue & green with wood accents- Clean, Crisp but somehow too high contrast for my taste.

Yellow, black and white with natural accents- Dramatic and artsy




6 thoughts on “What I’m falling for: Change of color and a new decor!

  1. There is a bathroom at a restaurant by my office that is yellow. It has black fixtures and a red tile floor. Probably hard to visualize but it really comes off well. Personally, I like yellow and grey together.


  2. oh no, i can very well visualize this…it will be quite jazzy! I didnt consider this. But yeah, me likes yellow and gray too. They somehow go very well with each other.


  3. I’m not surprised you know me so well. I’m sold on these two. Going by the furniture and accents I have, I’ll have to mix the two, and I’m including grey in the palette too. So, let’s see how it turns out. Fingers crossed.


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