A touch of red and a vintage glass jar

A flea market find: 30 INR! Three red Gerbera, a couple of faux milk glass and a white table top. Transforms any corner and definitely works for me.

I don’t know when I picked up this love for white. I look around my house and I see whites. Everywhere! And I’m loving it. This weekend I did a “DIY: make milk glass” and I am so happy with the results. Since I worked on the glass from inside, it retains its outer sheen and makes it look almost organic.

Have a great week ahead

4 thoughts on “A touch of red and a vintage glass jar

  1. This is no doubt the best make over of glass jars I have ever seen. And more the astonishment because, I was present when you were buying the jar from the rut and I was looking on the other side of the road, least interested. But what I see now is beautiful and swelling with life.


    • This, ladies and gentleman, is my sister! She is one of the best writers I have come across by far and I am officially her decor and wardrobe consultant. We head to the flea market every saturday and we come home with loads of things- me comes with scrap metal and junk, she comes home with fabric! She and R shares the position of being my official money lender. 😛


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