DIY: Grow cilantro/coriander in flower pots

Yay!!! That’s all I can say. Little coriander rose from its seed-slumber as I was sleeping away. This morning when I peeped out of my window, I saw a little leaf smiling at me, saying, “hi”. How I adore this little leaf- it gave me the sign that now I can officially grow my own cilantro, outside my window. Happiness is a cilantro leaf, I say.

8 thoughts on “DIY: Grow cilantro/coriander in flower pots

  1. Well done! Coriander is one of my favourite herbs. We grew lots of it last year but didn’t have time for sowing seeds this spring. 😦 Enjoy your home grown coriander!


    • Ah, I felt like a mommy, when I saw those little happy green heads shooting up. Proud and all! Honestly, I feel awful to snip them…unless R or someone tells me to wake up and realize that “they are herbs. They are grown so that you can have them fresh. Keep them and they will rot”. True.


    • Isa! How sweet of you to drop by. Well, I think since your place is too cold, you can try growing them in a pot in your kitchen. Its the warmest place in our home and sensitive plants do really well during winters.


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