DIY: A wardrobe and mirror makeover. Part II- Mirror & Reindeer

After my wall mount mirror broke, I was more than happy. I soon realized that the wall mount mirror was something I don’t like and I want to have a big mirror in a chipped white frame. but I couldn’t really just throw it away, so I waited for one of my bad days!

(Argh, I had to bear this combo for almost 2 weeks. But what fun)

Anyway, I bought this mirror frame from a flea market for 15$ but didn’t quite like its gold. And a mirror of this size and work in a chippy finish, in “The home Shop” is priced at 3000 rupees, which amounts to I think around 67$. So, clearly, the answer was NO. Instead a white paint and a sand paper really helped. 1$ for all!

A coat of paint and a little sanding did it in 16$ what I could have bought for 67$! Now thats what makes me real happy. I could use that money in a good spa manicure maybe, now that I got my hands dirty with paint ;P

Gran, gave me this brass reindeer last year on Christmas. Let me tell you this is 70 years old; she bought a pair when she first got married at the age of 19. I gave a coat of plain white and sanded a little to give it a worn out look, to match the mirror. It’s natural aged brass comes out neat through the white.

This is how it all teams up now!

have a great day ahead


5 thoughts on “DIY: A wardrobe and mirror makeover. Part II- Mirror & Reindeer

  1. Eeek! I just meant that’s what I think of when I see your low budget home decor ideas – which are very creative and achievable.
    Your new photo is lovely!


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