Me gave a header!

I had been taking Photoshop lessons from reems. In weekends I’ve been practicing too! And it so turns out that this actually is not as hard as I thought it to be. Knowing is indeed believing!

This is my first full scale self crafted banner and it took me a whooping 5 hours. I’m an amateur, you see. But who cares when you have time and what comes out makes you squeal with delight. The header is who I am. That’s what I chose my theme as. Me!

Check me out:

a)    I “worship” the power of music

b)    I can kill for a pair of good ear-phones

c)    I doodle everywhere, including my office desk that’s yellow and makes the doodle look really cool. Sorry, the big guys!

d)    I keep saying “Don’t worry” and I am a comfort person; even kittens understand that, mark my words.

e)    I love tea & coffee & their stains

f)     I love collecting buttons

g)    I love seeing stars- this had led to fights J

h)    The header’s me. This is who I am. Oui, Roy!


Personally, I can’t read up much on the internet. This is again statistics- people read 25% slower online than in print. But if you are interested in learning photoshop essentials online, you can visit this site.

This site was really helpful in solving my dilemmatic Photoshop nitty-gritties.


Make your own headers, have fun!



6 thoughts on “Me gave a header!

  1. Hey you! I love the new header…I so want a new one but know if would take me 5 hours too 🙂
    Love knowing more about you! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  2. Very funky! Well done! I love your new hair too. Is it a little shorter or just the way it’s lying? It looks beautiful straightened. (Looked great curly too!)


    • Grazie…grazie…. 🙂 About my hair, yeah, this is the new look apparently and I did it myself. Can you believe it? Courtesy It was real fun. I straightened it a bit, just a wee bit to go with the look.


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