DIY: Make your own chic necklace!

This had been on my mind for sometime.

In my little craft drawer, I found a couple of supplies.

Here is what I found.

2 black chains

3 wire mesh ornaments

Discarded ribbons

Small rings collected from broken earrings



The gold & worn gold piece

A little bit of assembling is all it needed. As you can see, its so simple that it needs no explanation. All you need to worry about is attaching the ring. Work with precision and carefully. I’ll give you a close-up of the wire mesh ornament.

The other is silver. I attached a small grey satin ribbon for a very girly effect. This chain is going to a very special friend of mine. Reema Banerjee from Reethebee.

The pretty little silver thing.

I hope you all have a very creative weekend!



6 thoughts on “DIY: Make your own chic necklace!

    • Hey Shri. Thanks. Well…about men, i have very faint idea what they like to wear; the men in my life dont (read R, dad & nephew). But it is a good idea. I will research a bit on that.


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