collecting oranges!

I find a deep relation in everything I see. I feel that whatever happens was meant to be and that every event holds a meaning and what follows is designed. Just like finding three brilliant shades of orange in the same day.

And another one


A Hermit

And a little Halloween craft

What now do you think! Finding so many shades of oranges: coincidence?

5 thoughts on “collecting oranges!

    • Thanks Meg. Yeah, go ahead. Best part is if you find the same shade of a particular color on the same day. And yes, the name, “collecting oranges” dates back to a particular day, where I was indeed collecting oranges in the hills of Bhutan!


  1. Orange is probably my favourite colour. Finding several shades of orange in one single day would have made me very happy. Maybe no coincidence since my eyes love orange and would naturally look for it 🙂


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