A mumbai afternoon and bliss

After a long period of procrastination, the three ladies finally made it. And there was one thing remarkable about this particular hot Sunday Mumbai afternoon. It was happiness. On my sisters face!

The glee on my niece’s face

The glee on these children’s faces

Unfortunately no one remembered to take a happy smile o mine! But when i see these faces, it makes me think that the world is not a bad place to live in after all!


4 thoughts on “A mumbai afternoon and bliss

  1. Thank you so much Janice! Yes we had one helluva time 🙂 And till that day we used to think my niece was afraid of water. She proved us all totally wrong…turned out to be a water baby after all! I do want to go to London and the first thing i want to see is 221B baker street.


  2. Is there??? Oh Lord. Trust me, with every advancing day, my wish and temptation to see Holmes and his whereabouts are increasing like a mercury in a desert. I want to see all the corners mentioned in the book and feel proud. I shall shout and scream that “Herein trotted the greatest detective of all times” Oh, some body take me to Baker Street please…please…


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