DIY:Make your own candle holder!

A couple of months ago, I got two transparent glass vases, not more than 20 cm in height for 1.25$ from a nearby dollar shop. Not really a favorite of mine; they served the cause quite right till the day I needed a candle holder as centerpiece. I searched quite a few stores but didn’t quite get what I wanted. They were either too brightly colored or a tad too away from my imagination or way too expensive for its worth or worse, way too common. Very disappointed I returned home and fixed myself a clumsy cup of coffee.

Like a Sunday routine, on my way back home, I picked up some flowers hoping that they would replace the votive centerpiece. Quite predictably I reached out for that habitual piece of glass. And there it was, my candle holder, right in front of my eyes, ready to be used. Pity I never thought about it. Suddenly the coffee seemed so much sweeter!

All I used:

A small glass vase (You can use mason jars, colored glasses or anything of your choice)

Few Sea-Shells (You can also use some sand, colored pebbles, plain pebbles)

A tea light candle holder (Tin, small round ones, or anything that’s low in height and can be covered easily. If you are using sand, you can also try some larger ones and cover it with sand.)

One candle

All you need to do

Fix your candle on a tea light candle holder and place it inside the glass jar. Cover it with sea shells and pebbles.

Clap! Lights on!


12 thoughts on “DIY:Make your own candle holder!

  1. A very nice post indeed… add in a little bit water to that vase and see how the water reflections form on your walls… the candle effect just gets better…


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