Return to innocence!

This is Friday; and a perfect day to start infusing and confusing this place with exited thoughts that are primarily random. Because, this is my place. A place where someone else do not decide what i write. This is my way of rebelling, of freeing those freedom crazy thoughts that hover in the head, in the blood, desperate to be expressed somewhere.

Last night was a great night. And it was great because, i religiously followed the maxim, ” Time wasted is time worth spent”. Last night i gave nothingness a priority over something-ness which made all the difference. Doing nothing is a great thing to do.

After having the pleasure of throwing some magazines, which landed defeated on the bed with soft thuds, I did some serious cloud watching from my window, spending time like it were no object. And in this carpet of brick and mortar that covers this sophisticated city, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that my window actually opens out to no other window but to the open air. I can hear the birds sing, can almost touch them when they fly, can see the city heights in glory and at times when all that’s so ‘done’, I quietly lie down and watch the clouds float by. And at days when there are no clouds, I see stars. Millions of them from my window!  I feel blessed, my life gets complete and I feel the city breathing. That is when I want to believe in fairies.

I always believe, funny as it may sound, that someday, something supernatural would happen. Maybe finally a pixie will be shining on my candle holder, or maybe at the dearth of the night, outside my window, I will see Peter Pan who will take me to never land. After all, they say it’s just a matter of belief. I choose to believe.

And after a day full of meetings and brain-storming and work, where imaginations are chained to bring ROI to the clients, at night I let them free. Let them think whatever they want to. Innocent imaginations have learnt nothing by far is what i gather. They haven’t quite grown up. At the end of it all, after being agents to such lofty articles, all they think about is Peter Pan, Heidi and Pixie Dust!!

In a state of sub consciousness, my imaginations want to escape reality. Wants to fly straight from my window to a place, to the left of the third star from the right behind which there’s never land. Behind which the fairies play and pirates hunt for treasure. Wants to go to a house in the high mountains and earn a living being the owner of 200 sheep. Build my own chairs, have an attic full of hay. And at night sit by the fireplace and eat my dinner, while my St. Bernard grumbles outside.

That is where I want to be. Through my window in a state of nothingness, i achieve everything. Figments of imagination, the transport to fairyland. Figments of imagination- a great thing to live for!!


5 thoughts on “Return to innocence!

  1. Dude.. i love this blog of yours… keep writing.. you give wonderful words to your thoughts and in that process to millions of others.. coz they cannot pen their thoughts in such an effortless fashion as yours.. love you loads…


  2. Reading this thought it makes me sit back and feel those moments of innocence when I was young , when world was a simpler place, where Superman existed where people where’nt rushing and staring at their watches and running again where tress beared choclate , oceans held ice-creams . This was really refreshing and i thank u for making me go back to dat world again THANK U


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